Exotic Materials from UFOs Physical Proof

UFO News Today: Just a few weeks ago the Navy admitted for the first time that several UFO videos were real meaning they show actual area phenomenon that's so far the Pentagon cannot explain now a UFO investigations group says they have found materials that could potentially be physical evidence of UFOs Lewis Elizondo is director of special programs at the to the stars Academy of Arts and Science he also headed the Pentagon's office for investigating UFO incidents and it's the star of The History Channel's unidentified he joins us to at least thanks so much for coming on so what is this material and why could it shed light on the question of what UFOs might be sure well our company over the last year and a half has actually obtained quite a bit of material and let me first preface by saying some of that material that's Providence is frankly hearsay while other the Providence of some of this material is has been substantiated and ultimately we're in the process of analyzing this material at three different levels we're looking at its physical properties its chemical or if you will molecular properties and then ultimately its atomic properties and it's really at that point we'll be able to make some sort of definitive conclusion keeping in mind that we still have to follow the the scientific process and methods and at the same time have peer review so it's not just as simple as coming out and saying hey look what we found there's a lot of work that still needs to be done I bet that's right and of course you'll be challenged as you ought to be challenged I think quickly somewhat of course why do you think this material might be connected to UFOs well without getting to a lot of detail right now because it's it's it's frankly it's too speculative for me at this point to say why I think something at the end of the day it's going to be what the analysis tells us and if you have for example interesting isotopic ratios that are not normally found let's say on this planet then you have to scratch your head in either a it's been engineered that way or be it came from somewhere else and ultimately that's what we're trying to find out so these are materials brought to you by people who say this is at the site of a UFO incident or a crash in some cases yes again a fortune I can't elaborate too much with some of these individuals we do have write non-disclosure agreements but it's from from various sources both private and governmental because that's saying I hope that you'll come back as you get to the bottom this we remain skeptical but open-minded on this and all things wheeze great thank you so find me Court absolutely thank you.

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