UFO News Today: Meet John Ehrhart. John is an Electro-optics specialist who was tasked by his employment with Boeing an Aerospace defense contractor to directly work on the operational Navy ATFLIR targeting pod systems. These systems are commonly used on American fighter jets. Jets like Cmdr. David Fravor’s the pilot who chased a UFO for the United States Military. Like Chad Underwood the pilot who FILMED the now famous TIC TAC UFO. If anybody knows how these ATFLIR targeting-pod bad boys work the details, their mechanics and how to interpret the data it’s John. The reason I felt compelled to clarify the specifics of the Pentagon GIMBAL UFO CRAFT footage is because I’ve witnessed numerous de-bunker's contort and twist the facts of this Real UFO footage with a mental gymnastics worthy of a gold medal. It’s almost as if they fear a reality greater than the one they have predetermined. It’s a sort of existential bias and their only defense is that you’re too dumb to investigate the unexplained. I don’t think you’re dumb I just think you’re busy. So I did some of the work for you.This is a twelve minute podcast for your enjoyment. So here’s John. He shared some time with me to give you some ACTUAL expert testimony. To clarify some technical aspects of what you are and what you are NOT seeing in the GIMBAL UFO FLIR footage. Weaponize your curiosity, and go to https://www.ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com to learn more.

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