Disk Shape UFO Sighting over Chester NH

12:45 PM shiny, disk/saucer shape UFO seen in daylight over 101 north towards Chester, NH. Seen swaying side to side.

On 2/24/20 at approx. 12:45 PM I was driving West bound on HWY 101. I had entered the highway from the Fremont/Raymond exit. As I neared Chester/Auburn I looked up to the right in the sky because a shiny UFO caught my eye. I initially thought it was a plane, but then I noticed its radical swaying movement and shape. It appeared to look just like a saucer with the round bulb shape on top. Very, very shiny, looked seamless like there weren’t any noticeable wings or other shapes coming off of it. But because it was swaying, I may not have seen details anyway. The UFO Sighting was swaying or rocking back and forth. I can equate the movement to that of a swing going side to side. Very few thin clouds in the sky at the time and none on the side of the sky I was looking toward. When I took notice, I was of course driving so tried my best to keep it in sight. I saw this for maybe 4-6 seconds. The UFO then disappeared, but only halfway. That lasted for maybe 1-2 seconds. It was like half of the UFO was gone just gone. It looked cut in half. Then it completely disappeared for maybe 5 seconds or so. I’m trying to give a realistic time frame on this event, but I have to admit I was so amazed at what I was seeing each detail I describe may have been a second or two longer, or possibly even shorter. The whole UFO reappeared in the sky further to the right by like 5 inches from my perspective. It then swayed for a few more seconds side to side again, then it just disappeared entirely. No fading away into the sky, just blip, and gone. NUFORC

Disk Shape UFO reported Chester NH 2-24-20

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