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Roswell New Mexico 1947 Frustrating what if ?

UFO News: Imagine if the US government were brave enough to take what occurred over Roswell New Mexico 1947, examine and investigate the news story, and then by 1950 (or even 1960) state what has occurred, and what we seem to know and THEN open the phenomenon for additional formal study by scientists, academicians, historians, all interested and qualified parties. What would we know today? Where would we be? Of course, it didn’t happen. So we’ve had to deal with countless efforts to cover-up, deny, and discount observations and evidence for over 70 years. In addition, there are all the hoaxes and sometimes strange, puzzling tales, videos, etc. being produced, sometimes entertaining, sometimes outrageous. Why wasn’t the phenomenon publicly acknowledged? I suspect a good candidate is we’ve feared (for good reasons), if the information, technology were available for study, it might fall into the wrong hands. Our enemies might then use it against us. In addition, I suppose, there was (is) the fear of pubic panic, fear, confusion, etc. if more of what is happening is released.Our times, our species and cultures. Here’s an interesting video interview/report by a Roswell/Corona area/region mortician that seems credible..Credit for Story Rebecca Auge. 

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