Black Teardrop UFO Disappears in Burst of Light Reported

Black UFO ignites across sky and then vanished with a very controlled blast of light. I was riding on my road when I noticed a Dark Colored UFO in the sky not more then a mile out. It was headed west across the road and it looked as if it engulfed itself in flames and the started accelerating slowly and then took off like a rocket. It didn’t travel far before it vanished in an almost blinding light. The strangest part was for how bright this flash was, it was almost contained and it did not illuminate anything around. It left a trail of falling flames that sparkled like sparklers. It moved so fast and so unnatural. After that flash though it had vanished completely. It was a beautiful event but I honestly have never been so worried or unsure. If what I saw can be explained by natural phenomena, I need to know. Location of UFO Sighting West Abington Township, PA. Occurred on 7/9/2020 source nuforc.org

black disk shaped UFO

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