Aliens at the Pentagon Movie review

UFO News: There's something undeniably appealing about a good conspiracy theory. I mean, what if there is a secret cabal that's ruling the world? What if there really is an Illuminati controlling the actions of millions? What if there really are aliens? And they're among us?" While the film ostensibly revolves around the now infamous New York Times article from 2017 that revealed the various US Military projects investigating unknown aerial phenomena, almost the entire film is actually a tour of the history of UFOs." Self-avowed “world’s leading expert on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories” Nick Pope acts as writer and on-screen host for the documentary “Aliens At The Pentagon” and it’s an entertaining 66 minutes of paranoia, daft video sequences, and an occasional nugget of information that will make you actually wonder whether there is a seed of truth here after all." Movie Review: 'Aliens At The Pentagon'

UFO Aliens at the Pentagon Movie review

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