UFO historian Richard Dolan has described the initial reaction of many people to his passionate involvement with the subject. They express interest; they might even describe something they saw on TV concerning the phenomenon. Then after a few minutes of his well-informed explanations, their eyes gloss over and they are clearly bored.
Yes, it’s true; opinion polls indicate the public is interested in UFOs. Advertising executives have long known this, but the fascination is for most part quite superficial. Why is this? I suspect partly because of the massive denial of authority figures that say, “There is nothing to it.”
After all, the world is so complex; we rely on authorities to put to use vast amounts of data to make what we hope are reasonable decisions. Most people have little understanding of the technological “miracles” that science has achieved, but they are grateful and trust the devices, like planes, autos and computers to work reliably.
Needing to trust leaders I suspect might be built into our biology. For a million years before civilization was established, hunter-gatherers worked in small groups to survive. Shamans that could use primitive psi abilities combined with careful observations of nature played a decisive role. Leadership was a question of life and death and those clans that had the best leaders, the “shaman” and “sha-women” that knew how best to kill the animals or find the healing herbs and deliver the babies, played a critical role in survival. So most of us have a strong tendency to “follow the leader” and when this becomes extreme “We the People “become ”we the sheep.”
For the UFO question to have a truly major impact on the mass consciousness, this subject will need to be transformed from an entertaining diversion and become a way of addressing the seemingly insurmountable problems our planet is facing. This is already being attempted by those within the UFO community that discuss the possibility of downloading into our technological culture the secrets of the energy propulsion systems of flying saucers. So-called “free energy” in one fell swoop might eliminate poverty and pollution, thus possibly reversing or at least slowing down global warming.
Of course in order for the so-called ET's to give us such devices they might understandably insist on a peaceful transformation of our planet to replace what ufologist Stanton Friedman called our perpetual state of “tribal warfare.” This is going to be a hard sell. This is because for the last seventy years the military and political leaders, the mass media and academia, all in service to their corporate masters, have mostly insisted when it comes to UFOs, “There is nothing to it.”
From the control groups’ point of view, those clandestine forces determined to keep a lid on the UFO issue, an important strategy would be to recruit authority figures to block any significant discussion of flying saucers. Opinion makers that step out of line would therefore find that their access to funding has been cut off. This is all done behind the scenes and is quite effective in my opinion.
In the USA the National Academy of Sciences has made it perfectly clear that UFO studies are not part of the “legitimate” agenda for professional science. As a result, scientists that state this subject should be studied will themselves unable to secure research grants, thus effectively ending their careers.
In broadcast journalism, reporters and talk show hosts that might attempt to inform the public in a detailed way would likely find themselves without corporate sponsors. The major newspapers are controlled through their editorial boards that in turn are dependent on corporate advertisements to continue publishing.
This analysis is not a conspiracy theory. I describe the way power works. In the former Soviet Union it was the political dictatorship of the Communist Party that attempted to regulate almost every aspect of people’s lives. That social experiment failed miserably. In the West however social control is far more sophisticated, decentralized and uses the knowledge of social psychology called “public relations” to effectively manipulate the masses.
On the individual level our tendency to identify with our thoughts results in profound attachments to old ideas. This resistance to changing one’s point of view flows from the ego itself. People strive to defend their religion, political ideology, or moral customs to the point where some would even kill to maintain them. Just look at the present situation in Syria, or at the millions killed centuries ago during the Protestant Reformation in Europe.
Something similar in my opinion applies to acknowledging the high probability that the ET explanation for the flying saucer phenomenon is true. Such a realization threatens to radically change the conceptual paradigm of our entire civilization. Since humans so strongly identify with their present beliefs, it is understandable that many reject such a brave new worldview in which we might have to accept an ET presence.
What about the intelligence responsible for flying saucers? Could “they” (whoever they ultimately turn out to be) simply fill the sky with structured craft? Or stage the proverbial “landing on the White House Lawn?” Such actions would certainly convince the masses that flying saucers are of the greatest importance. In my judgment this scenario is the least one likely to ever take place. Given the militaristic mindset of our civilization, a sudden realization of the reality of UFOs could be catastrophic. My guess is that careful gradual efforts to alert us to their importance is the game plan of the intelligence's responsible for the phenomenon and probably within some elements of the establishment as well.
So what will it take to change mass public opinion on the flying saucer question? If the alleged ET's continue the present pattern of interactions, millions of individual sightings yearly, interspersed with occasional massive waves, I imagine that there will be opportunities to slowly build public awareness by a responsible program of education.
This will require UFO enthusiasts to discipline the crazies in our midst, think creatively and most importantly of all build stable, well-financed organizations to carry out the educational campaign. All this will need to be done in the face of powerful opposition by corporate groups that have great experience in controlling public opinion, the economy and their political operatives that run governments.
Can we trust UFO intelligence to follow what we imagine is their existing “game plan?” I suppose not. UFO researcher Michael Lindemann once said that we should never assume that we can think like the so-called “aliens.” Nevertheless the ever-changing pattern of interactions, as pointed out by UFO researcher Grant Cameron, appear to be as if the aliens are turning the pages of a “play book.” This can be seen as the appearance of “Men in Black” in the 1960's, so called “abductions” in the 70's, crop circles in the 80s and continuous past and present mental interactions with millions of experienced. Many of whom are instilled with a sense of mission. They are striving to convince their fellow Earthlings that we should look up and accept what our “lying eyes” are seeing.
My guess is that UFO intelligence is able to present us with a multitude of creative new ways to wake us up from our collective stupor concerning their “wonders in the sky.” I am of the opinion that their presence is non-harmful and very likely to be beneficial to mankind. Bringing others to this hopeful perspective I imagine is a challenge that UFO activists will continue to face for some time.
About the Author: Joseph Burkes MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. He retired from the Southern California Permanente Group after 30 years of service in 2008. During the 1960's through the 1980's he was a volunteer peace and social justice activist working with Physicians for Social Responsibility, The United Farm Workers Union and pro-labor coalitions that were part of the occupational health and safety movement.
Dr. Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the Close Encounters of the 5th Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE) and the Peruvian contact network now called Rahma. Joseph Burkes MD is co-author of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker. He also has co-authored a chapter on UAP medical healing's with researcher Preston Dennett in the FREE compendium “Beyond UFOs.
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