UFOs & Anti Gravity Propulsion

Astounding facts regarding Paul Hynek, Josef Allen's son. credit: Robert Sheaffer:

The thing that surprised me the most was when Paul said that he and his brother Joel are working on replicating Claude Poher's experiments on anti-gravity. Claude Poher (born 1936) is a French astronomer who, like Hynek, became deeply involved in UFO investigations. Poher headed up UFO investigations for GEPAN, a group operating under CNES, the French equivalent of NASA. Allen Hynek and Poher were close allies and colleagues in UFO matters. In fact, Poher has been so prominent in global UFO investigations that, according to Allen Hynek, the character of the French UFO investigator in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based not on Jacques Vallee (as Vallee claims), but on Poher (O'Connell, The Close Encounters Man, p. 320)  BADUFOS.BLOGSPOT.COM


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