Strange Highway Alien Encounter Missing Time

After encountering a strange scene on the highway, I couldn’t account for three hours of missing time.

It was shortly after midnight, when I left my sister’s place. I proceeded to drive west on RT 22. After thirty-five, perhaps forty minutes, I approached what appeared to be some kind of accident scene. Both the east and westbound lanes of the highway were brilliantly illuminated. Although, I couldn’t make out any vehicles that were involved.

As I got closer to the scene, which was about 1 AM, the engine failed. Engine, battery, lights, everything quit, and I found myself having to pump the brakes in an effort to slow down. After rolling fifty feet, or more, the car came to a stop; and it was then that I noticed this fog, similar to the fog created by dry ice evaporating. It was everywhere, bathed in the white light that illuminated the surroundings.

No sooner after the car stopped, this Alien figure, resembling the Michelin Man, as if made of stacked tires, and wearing goggles, or something like that, stepped from the fog and approached the driver’s side of the vehicle. I was startled when the Alien figure placed a gloved hand on the open door. I wasn’t aware that I had opened the door, let alone lowered the driver’s side window.

My next recollection was of the digital clock on the dashboard, it showed 4 AM. Seconds later, after fumbling around in the front seat, I found the car keys in the ignition. Having turned the engine over the lights came on, and it was then that I realized that the front of the vehicle was pointed eastbound.

More baffled than frightened, I assumed that I had passed out. I was at a complete loss to explain my experience. I couldn’t account for the preceding three hours, let alone explain the fact that I was parked on the shoulder of the westbound lanes, but that somehow the car had been turned around. source

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