Strange Alien Encounter with Two Young Women

On Saturday October 24, 2020, my wife and I, as well as our next door neighbors, were conducting a yard sale in front of our respective garages. At about 1:00pm that day, I noticed two young women coming down the street from the left toward our yard sale. These two young women were both in their mid-twenties and did not live in our gated-entrance and partially-fenced community (town square cooperative). I immediately sensed something strange about these two young women. They were both very attractive one was taller (approx. 5'9") with medium length blond hair, and the other was shorter (approx. 5'7") with light long hair. Both women were dressed very stylish with what appeared to be brand new clothes and shoes. These two young women spent about 10 - 15 minutes looking around before leaving.

While they were at our sale, my wife offered them donuts which they both refused. However, the shorter young women did take a small snickers candy bar that my wife offered but did not eat it while at our sale. I watched as the two young women departed our sale. They started to walk back the way they came, but instead of going back to the left the way the arrived the taller one raised her right arm and pointed to the right as if to say let's go that way. This is where it gets strange. I know for a fact that you cannot get out of our community if you go off to the right because it is fenced in over there by a 7' tall metal fence with no gate or any other opening to go through.

As I watched them proceed to the right, they got off of the road and onto the sidewalk that leads up to, and dead-ends into, the fence. There is a public pathway on the other side of the fence that goes to the main road (St. Aubin St.). once they got onto the sidewalk and walking toward the fence, I decided to go to them to tell them that you cannot get out that way because of the fence. I was only about 10 seconds behind them and could not see where the sidewalk dead-ends into the fence until I got closer. When I got closer and could see where the sidewalk meets the fence the young women were not there! I expected to see them either standing there trying to figure out how to get out, or walking back toward they way they arrived. When I arrived at the fence, I looked around for them and, to my amazement, saw them on the other side of the fence walking down the path toward St. Aubin St. I immediately looked back at the fence area for any kind of opening (and there was none) and then looked back down the path and they were not there.

These two young women would have to be "very special" to have gotten on the other side of the fence in less than 10 seconds. The metal fence is 7' high with spikes on the top and vertical metal bars about 4" apart. So how did these two young women get to the other side of the fence? were they super-human and jumped over the fence or climbed over it all within 10 seconds? after doing a lot of thinking about this, my conclusion is that these two young women were actually Alien extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE) that either: 1) dematerialized and then rematerialized on the other side of the fence, or 2) shape-shifted and passed through the 4" space between the vertical bars. I have read that there are certain Nordic-Type EBE Aliens that can dematerialize/rematerialize and walk through walls. I believe I encountered two of these EBE Aliens nothing else can explain this strange event in my mind. mufon cms# 112811 Michigan U.S 10/24/20 

Nordic Alien Female

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