Strange Alien Encounter in Arizona U.S

I went outside to smoke, and noticed something by the pond. my apartment directly faces the pond, and I have a clear view of it at all times. Two nights before this Alien sighting, I was on my patio when I felt something watching me. I shined my light over by the water and I saw an Alien figure jump out of the water and run away like a human. It was tall, dark, long limbs, and ran so fast. I knew it was not a human because no human would go sit in the pond in the cold and middle of the night. I got no video or photo proof of that Alien encounter. I was not expecting to see anything so I was not recording. I just moved here, and I have been sensing there is something outside by the pond every night. I hear the same noises outside daily. Footsteps, splashes as if something is getting in or out of the water, and rustling. Today, I decided to start recording just in case I saw anything. I have proof. I saw something come out of the big pond, then I hit record. At first it looked like a person, but the more I observed, the weirder it got. I watched it pick up the pole (or whatever that is it is holding), and it kept playing with it. As if it was trying to get it to work. I watched it mess around with the pole and walk around with it, then it pointed the object and I saw a flash of light. I have it all on video. There were no cars, bikes, other people out. I even looked to make sure it was not a car. Nothing. After that, it looked up into the trees and went back towards the pond. A few moments later, I saw this Alien appear again without the object and it just walked away. I can't tell you for sure if what I saw two nights ago and tonight were the same entity, but I believe it was. The first Alien encounter, it just watched me. If I never shined my light then I would have never seen it. Tonight, it felt like it knew I was watching. I was scared just because I could not believe my eyes, but I did not sense that it was trying to hurt me. I think there is something going on in this pond. It left the object by the pond before it walked away, so maybe it is still there. If there is anywhere for me to submit my videos, I will. mufon cms# 113601 Arizona U.S 02/08/21 This Region has had 3,504 Reported UFO Alien Sightings to date.

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