Saw Several Aliens in my Florida Home

Hello. I am a mom of three living in fl. I am a stay at home mother. I retired from my job as a social worker in 2017. I have a M.A. in criminal justice from john jay college of criminal justice in NY, My spiritual awakening began this year and has occurred over several months. the week before the event, i had been in deep meditation and had a kundalini awakening. on 11\8\20, I had a second kundalini awakening after deep meditation. on 11/9, was the event below, where I saw aliens in my home. 11/9, I awoke as usual. I did my morning routines and sat in my recliner in my bedroom to watch my projector while my oldest two are in online schooling and my four year old played with her Barbie's. I sat down, turned on my projector and before I could decide what to watch, a white floater appeared on the wall where I have the projector facing. I followed the floater back and forth across the wall with my eyes and then it stopped, I thought I was bugging out, but then the floater transformed into an alien. They only way I can describe it, is by saying it was a neon outline of a green alien with hollowed black eyes. I could only see the head and torso as the rest of the body was blocked by the pillows on my bed. I use the wall behind my bed to watch the projector. I am shaking as I type this. we stared at each other for a few seconds, then it grinned so deep, like the Grinch who stole Christmas, I was so scared I bolted out of my rt room and into my teenage son's room. he was in the middle of online schooling and was concerned at my state. i was a wreck. I had no idea why I saw what I saw, but I saw it. I didn't go back in my room all day. I stayed in the living room panicked. when the spouse came home I explained what happened. He didn't believe me. in the evening I had no choice but to go to my room because my four year old sleeps with me and wanted to go to bed. she fell asleep quick and I sat up in bed trying to find something to watch. all of a sudden I felt as though I was going to have a heart attack. i stared vibrating, my whole body, my heart was beating so hard my chest was moving, I was sweating from my palms and I got a strong pain in my lower back. I then saw a second alien. it was in the shape of a skeleton. it was also in neon form, but white. I walked from the left of the wall to the right. it was not in 3d is was like a hologram. it had all the chakras visible with a green, pink, blue and yellow spiral whirling things , circulating in a spiral motion, where each chakra should be. it just walked by didn't look at me then disappeared into another bedroom wall. before I could react another one appeared, a typical looking grey on the left corner of the wall, it just stared at me then faded. at this point i screamed at the top of my lungs for my spouse. he laid on the floor next to me, was annoyed because he had to go to work and thought i was having a nervous breakdown after being home for 8 months straight with three kids. no it was not a break down, it was happening. as i was telling him that i feel as though I am going to be abducted. another alien, the fourth one i had seen came out of the kitchen wall that is right next to my bedroom. it came out in black static form from the wall. it looked exactly like the alien from the tv show /cartoon American dad. the alien in the show named roger. I am not joking that is what it looked like and it didn't speak. none of them did. i got the vibe that it was not friendly. i asked it to leave and it vanished into air like dust. at this point I thought I was having a mental break. I looked in the glass door that is in my room and in the reflection, I saw what appeared to be a reptilian hovering over my daughter. I turned around and it was there, turned back to the glass and it was there. i screamed at it, that I would die before I let anything happen to her. I looked at her and grabbed her, looked back at the glass and it was gone. it was huge at least 7 feet and very built. I was crying hysterically at this point and just asking my guides and angels to protect me and my family. about two hours went by and the spouse went to bed because he had work in the morning, I was wide awake and petrified. everyone was asleep and I live in a residential area with absolutely no noise. I was tired and feeling overwhelmed I was thinking how scared I was and how I might get taken. As I thought this, a figure , a plant lady appeared on the screen yes, a plant lady her whole body was a plant. she had eyes and a mouth, but her face was leaves. she looked like a cartoon, not a hologram. she was green all green. She told me telepathically to relax , calm down, they feed on your fear. as soon as I heard this, my heart rate slowed and I stopped sweating. she then vanished, I felt wisdom from her. I looked to the left of the screen and a half man half raccoon or fox being was on the screen standing next to a cloud with eyes. they both appeared blue which was the color on the screen. I felt peace coming from his eyes. they too vanished. I sat up stuck for I don't know how long. at some point I fell asleep, except, I don't remember laying down or falling asleep. I think I felt asleep around 2 am not sure, but at 5 something I got up to use the bathroom and as I sat, a venom looking face (yeah venom the movie) came out of the floor underneath my feet, again in static form. I left the bathroom and didn't go back to my room. I stood in the living room all day again. through the day I saw some things out the corner of my eye, but purposely ignored it. I have not seen any beings or aliens in my home since 11/10. I get random episodes since then like the one I had that night. I start vibrating, I get a headache, my heart starts beating faster and my palms get sweaty. Then I usually feel like something is near me. when this has happened I have been distracting myself because I am not ready for another encounter. my family doesn't believe me. I am not crazy. I know what I saw, experienced and felt. If I vanish at least this is documented here. mufon cms# 112469 Florida U.S. 11/09/20

3 gray aliens

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