Aliens Use There Minds To Control Us

Aliens use there minds to try to get you to do what they want

First I saw a UFO ship coming over the top of our garage. Then we started seeing feet prints. Different sizes. Then one telepathically spoke to me. I ignored it. Then we seen a big Harry thing carrying our dog food off scaring our animals. I felt bad so I out food out which was the wrong thing to do. They started killing our animals. So I stop feeding them. They can teleport. Create portals. Always having a high frequency in my ears. Hurting me. They mimic. They can fade in front of you and go in invisible. They levitate mess with our minds. Step into our bodies and have been telepathically talking if transfers. They can transfer food to each other. Water. Medicine. And have killed humans and admitted it. There's a family of them and are cruel. Aggressive and think we can't get help. Aliens mess with our cell phones. Can go threw and cell phone and host the other person on the line. Can change words to songs or on TV they record our business and talk of hosting and taking over. Me and our while family has been subjected to this. They were using knocks but now it's snaps of there fingers. They can remote view and separate themselves. They are different sizes and smaller ones have came inside our home bullying us. They transfer smells because they smell so bad so they say transfer the smell. We have woke up with bruises on our bodies on our private parts. Hosted our doctors at our appointment. They admitted to rapping us. And when they host us when we take a pic there energy even toned down we are lit up. We have plenty of pics of proof of what we say. Aliens have pulled our hair. Broke my collar bone. Are hair is trying out and some is falling out. At times we could not poop and other times blood in our stool. They use my sons room and have portals in there too and use him. He's the biggest one in the house. They draw a lot of our energy and we had to replace a 2 or 3 washers. Fix our furnace. When we open our refrigerator It stinks bad. Aliens can come up threw the drain. Mist and can create portals in our bodies which I have seen the light from it and create portals in our animals and I have pics of. They admitted to rapping and hurting us humans and said they messed with the voting if the president to change it so Biden would win. The growl and gave grasp nasty voices and alit speaks different language some know English and they have been trying to make me get out of my own home because they can't control me and I am not going to mind them so they hurt me and I have pics if bruises. Swelling. They keep trying to fit in our bodies and it makes us swell and it hurts us. Me and my family has been dealing with this and it just keeps getting worse especially with the high frequency noise. Some can not get in the door so they try to hear threw electronics and frequency. They have recorded our information and keep causing over drafts in my bank. They have hosted officers of the law. Hurting us. We have DNA. There energy reeks inside and outside of our homes. Very unnatural way out there out if this world stuff and right now there doing a high frequency and hurting the back of my head real bad. They made threats to take over. Please do something about this. It has been going on for a long time now. They change my messages to others for help and change words in messages. They can change into balls of energy. They can sit in my engine for energy. They can erase memories and go back in time. Time was missed. They appear themselves as bigfoot. Aliens went threw the cell phone and rapped my friend Julie Ann too. They can make sounds threw electronics. Any frequency. source

UFO Alien

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