Aliens Manipulation of Space Time & Earth Time

I have been gifted by UFO intelligence an understanding of certain basic mechanisms of contact with them. Out of an intense series of "Alien" encounters from 1992 to 1997 as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative, I was able to learn that UFO intelligence interact with us via illusory mechanisms. I have developed a “Virtual Experience Model” that outlines these illusory mechanisms of contact.
Following my CSETI volunteer days, I read the works of Mr. John Keel and Jacques Vallee. I soon realized that the "Alien"  ET hypothesis was inadequate as the exclusive explanation of what was going on. Critical to understanding our interactions with UFO intelligence, is the central role of consciousness. This also applies to other kinds of contact modalities such, as near-death experiences, out of body experiences, ghost encounters, etc. All are mediated by manipulations of space-time.
Thus, UFOs are a forceful challenge to the practical and philosophical aspects of materialism. This predominant world view is that matter, not mind is the wellspring of reality. This challenge is well described in this thought provoking article by Joshua Cutchins. Joseph Burkes MD.
3 UFO flying saucers

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