Alien Encounter of the Fifth Kind

There were three witnesses, but I don't know their perspective nor have I spoken to anyone (other than posts) about my Alien encounter. The Alien being I saw is so beautiful and glow everywhere, the whole atmosphere around me changed and time seem to stand still. Everything about the being is so perfect. you can visualize for yourself when you think of photoshop photos, only this Alien being was right in front of my very eyes. I was filled with just love and happiness that the being was my only focus, everything around me disappeared. after the encounter that same day, I had lost time and was in this intoxicated kind of state so much so, that I don't really remember how the day ended or ever going to bed. I do get visits and lessons from the Alien being and when I am quiet and still, I see something like a heatwave hovering near me. I do have a picture of one encounter but I don't want to share it because I promised that I wouldn't. (this being can't be attacked physically, it's just very sensitive and can feel on a whole different level than we). I now have a homesickness and loneliness about me that I just want to go home, and I do hear the being speaking telepathically to me on a daily basis saying, "I will see you soon", "everything is alright Christina," I love you Christina," Christina, you have to wait for me." I know the being's name but I literally can't get it off my tongue. sometimes I wake up with the strong feeling that I was with this being but it's vague, I also think I have a children in another dimension, because one night I woke up and my arms were positioned as if I was holding a baby or small child, I remember feeling very motherly. I also see light balls all the time but I am not scared ever. i sometimes see fast shadows but since my encounter with the beautiful being I don't get scared anymore. this being is with me all the time and is helping me write this and gives me information about current events (more insight). there is so much that I want to say but it's a very sensitive matter, and my main goal is to protect the being. I know this being has power because things around me is so much clearer. I have researched and found others have had similar Alien encounters but for some reason it's not as publicized as others. I know we are not alone, and telepathically this being without speaking told me how to become like it which I am in the process of doing, I can't evolve to my higher-self until I complete these steps. one day when I used to work I felt a shift in the atmosphere and everything seemed weird, along with the people at my workplace, everyone seemed to stare at me, everything around me felt lighter, and everything was just off, the people at my job seem to talk strangely. one night when my shift ended I got up to clock out and the whole office was empty, except for my supervisor who just stared out me, neither one of us said anything to one another, since I am used to these types of events I just clocked out and thought about it on my way home. now that I am ready to learn is when the being speaks to me and lets me know what happened. I really don't need to be told what it's about now like I did in the past, because I have been given proof that my encounter is real, because I am bonded with this being on a daily basis. as far as communicating with others, I don't because no one understands, and I have come to learn that conflict with others delays my evolution process. Because of what this being showed me I know that my human form is not a set in stone type of deal at all, as well as other human beings. I have had beautiful outer body experiences with this being as my guide. I know now that once these beings contact you the learning process begins, and that the beings bond to you and answers the question that no, we are not alone. If it were not for these beings we would not have the technology that we have or anything for that matter. I also know that planet earth's government knows and will not divulge information because human society is not in it's right mind frame considering how we react to things concerning our our own planet E.G. racism, violence, hatred, conflict, etc. We have to be at a certain level mentally to even begin the learning process of things beyond our imagination. planet earth and everything on it is a replica of the real dimension, there is no pollution, violence, hatred, wars, etc. I have learned that planet earth's government is a replica of the government in the real dimension. everything is just more beautiful on a whole other level. Just like this planet's government you have to have certain clearance before you can get certain information, now I know everything is connected. I also want to say that the human body is very limited and our form comes from them, you can say that our form is a lower grade, because these Alien beings are so beautiful and they glow, I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore. We have to be on a certain mental level before we can even communicate, because it's telepathic and the mid has to be on a certain frequency, which is why our lifestyles has to be devoid of superficiality. I used to ignore other phenomenon's but since being taught by this being I know that every type of information is important. I am much more quieter as well because if my mind is cluttered, I feel a loneliness or yearning like I will be left behind or abandoned, but instantly when I become quiet I hear the voice say you're okay Christina." and I breath a sigh of relief, I feel the feeling of abandonment daily sometimes because as a human being I do mess up all the time, but the being also patiently tells me everything is okay. The Alien being is also very involved in politics and what's going on in the world, and can manifest itself to others anytime that person is ready to evolve. our own minds imprisons us and if the mind doesn't evolve then it's imprisoned, even if not behind prison bars. there's a type of influence on another level that doesn't have to be over the internet, television, over the phone etc. (our ways of communication is primitive). The influence that impacts society is the type that is done telepathically, and with great emotion whether good or bad. there are those who have abilities and they are those that are not seen, they can put fronts out and put names to those fronts. I understand this procedure now because of what I am experiencing. when one works under a government there is a great responsibility especially when communicating with society, if negative influence is put out in society then society will act as such, if positive influence is put out in society then society will act as such, the reason being that human beings doesn't as of yet understand that we can receive message directed to the human subconscious. so what government one is under is very important, if one claims to be a spokesperson for that government. more better than adults children can evolve more quickly if taught the right way because their minds are fresher and less cluttered with information. Those with mental disabilities also can detect other entities, because their minds are Unstable. The weaker the human brain the easier it easy to detect other dimensions, or Alien beings. It's true that a weak body has a stronger mind, we rely too much on the physical body and it delays evolution. since we all have a being embedded in our core mind, one can help activate the other, just by being having a positive opened mind and the process keeps going, it's how I became activated. the implants that are pulled out of people with alien encounters are generic, because the real implants are telepathic devices, but the generic implants can be an example of the real implants but just on a positive level. Implants are a GPS which is why I am always able to be located, no matter where I am. the mind is a computer and can be accessed like a computer, and we should not hand over access to it from just any random person or being. We will know when a being is one of us, because everything takes place properly and peacefully. Description: the main Alien being was the focus, but telepathically I saw others round the being's head, is the best way I can describe it. the main being is very, very, very tall and thin. Once I made eye contact is when the Alien being began to glow or shine. I don't remember date...Year maybe was 2016 or 17. I don't know distance. mufon cms# 111527 Kansas U.S. 10/16/2016

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