Alien Abduction Faded Memories Recall

I believe that this ( Alien Abduction )  has happened to me a number of times, but the event that I can remember in a flash memory of being pulled from my home at the time, one morning I woke up and I could tell that it had happened again because I had this smell in my nose that I can not describe, but it is smell I know when a event like this has happened to me before, but his time on my left temple was a round bald circle about 3 inches in diameter. Two days later I had a strong flash memory of being suspended over the trees of my home and a cold breeze on my face and foot. That is all I remember. Some time later the hair started to grow back but is was blonde like when I was a boy, then turn brown and is just now starting to turn gray like the rest of my hair. It is noticeable and grows differently then the rest of my hair. I am a retired Military Police/ Intelligence Senior NCO US Army. I am having overwhelming feels that it is about to happen again. mufon cms# 112762 Washington U.S 10/09/18

Alien Grey UFO

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