Alien Abductee Reveals What Really Happened At Devils Den State Park

Alien News: Incident at Devils Den is a true story by former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace, who was taken by UFO Aliens on a camping trip. In 2012 an anomalous bit of metal the size of a fingernail was discovered on a routine x-ray following a fall.  Those of us who have been following the Nimitz affair probably wouldn't admit it but it's a kind of relief over the last couple of years to be steered into a nuts and bolts UFO quest and away from abductions and high strangeness. There's perhaps something comforting to be dealing with what seems like real science - albeit of a seemingly very advanced kind. And then comes along a lecture like this one with a believable kind of guy telling the kind of abduction story we've heard countless times before with such bizarre facts that it makes little sense to our cozy, limited view of life and the universe. Weird creatures aboard UFO we can just about stomach but humans working alongside them too well maybe this is the point to assume this witness is making it all up to sell a book (which will probably sell only a few hundred copies) It's all here the implants, the telepathic communication and the men-in-black type authorities who act cruelly with threats. So what do we do with this? Are we anywhere further forward than when John Mack probed this subject? Maybe it's easier to keep sucking the Tic-Tac! credit David Haith. 

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