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A Silent Large Dark UFO Reported

While walking my dog a UFO appeared 200'-300' from me just over tree top height moving over the homes as I stood with my dog in our side yard. There was absolutely no sound coming from this craft. I was shell shocked because it was close to me and if it had been any conventional craft aside from a …

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UFO Sightings Friend Foe or Fantasy

IBM sponsored "CBS Reports" television special hosted by Walter Cronkite. Featuring Carl Sagan, Allen Hynek, Donald Keyhoe, George Van Tassel and more. This special aired as a response to the Michigan UFO "Swamp Gas" flap of 1966. List of Reported UFO Sightings from Wikipedia

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UFO Alien Close Encounters CE5

The UFO topic is both serious and seriously under-examined by the media and scientific community. The U.S. military does not know the origin of numerous UFOs that have been tracked by expert military observers by sight, on camera, on radar, on sonar, and on an array of other sensor platforms. And wh…

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Silver Disk UFO Reported Vernonia Oregon

My moms (Jenn and Chris) and I live in the forested mountains, and its pretty quite out here, away from the cities. we like to bird watch and stargaze, and we love being able to get a good view of the constellations and Venus, where we we're at. Recently, we got some binoculars, and figured we'd see…

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Metal UFO Spheres visit swimming pool


Dozens of hotel guests at the Axel Hotel in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria were sunbathing and swimming in the afternoon of the 8th July 2019 when one of the guests noticed some strange objects above the hotel in the sky. A number of guests took to observing these UFOs, including myself, and very …

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UFO Hunting with Investigator Rich Hoffman

Cloverdale Alabama Expedition 2019 Rich Hoffman was a defense contractor for over 20 years working primarily for the Army Materiel Command HQ. He has over 54 years experience in Investigations a research of the UFO subject. Mr. Hoffman has served as Director of Investigations, Star Team Manager and …

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Cloaked UFO Captured on Video

I shot this UFO video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 17, 2015. After more and 5 years of capturing numerous videos of these amazing UFO Sightings, I have concluded that they are likely one of two things. Either they are the Tall Whites that Charles J…

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UFO Reports from the Korean war

 UFO News: A book of UFO reports from the Korean war, plus some background as to the military campaign over the period of its duration. During one incident a UFO was fired at with an M-1 rifle. The armour piercing projectile made a metal-to-metal sound when it struck the UFO. A second shot made no …

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UFO Related Contact Experiences Video

Alberto is a retired DEA Federal Agent. He has a history of UFO sightings, numerous contact experiences with different types of Non-Human Intelligence (NHI), a Near Death Experiences, has had various OBEs. In addition, Human Looking "Masters" also taught him over many years about various lessons, in…

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Gods The Anunnaki and UFO Connection Found on The Sumerian Clay Tablets

Shocking information discovered on clay tablets tell the story of Sky Gods and how humanity was developed. The truth as to where we come still baffles the experts. Are we the Star Children and did the visitors really leave? Presented by Stacey Wright, Assistant State Director, MUFON ARIZONA Film…

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