UFO Alien Doctors do they heal abductee's?

Visitors from the Unknown” is a 1991 docudrama that covers not only the Travis Walton case, but also the encounters of a British policeman and civil rights activist John Salter. Salter was a college instructor in the 1960s and became known for his leadership role in the Jackson Mississippi desegregation campaign. Later he wrote a book about the struggle the pitted non-violent civil rights activists against racists gangs and police that savagely attacked them.
Additional Comments:
J. Burkes MD: If memory serves me correctly, all three cases should be considered examples of UAP healings. Travis Walton was described as being hit by some kind of energy beam and then abandoned by his comrades who probably thought that he had been killed. Did he then spend the next few days in the ET equivalent of an ICU where he was resuscitated?
John Salter had a terrible tobacco habit. He stated that he smoked like an “Arizona smelter” with lines on his face which are so common in heavy smokers. Following his missing time experience with his son during a drive to the Deep South, he described having spontaneous recall of a friendly on-board experience with grey skin colored ETs. He subsequently lost all desire to smoke, a dependency that he had for decades. The heavy lines on his face cleared and he noted that his nails had to be clipped weekly instead of monthly.
The British Bobby while on duty had been savaged beaten in his groin area. According to this report he was told that he could never father a child. Nonetheless, after his encounter he was able to sire offspring.
If terrestrial medical science were able to learn the secrets of these apparent healings, what a boon it would be for our patients. Instead of calling flying saucers a threat, perhaps we should view them as a great opportunity to learn and prosper.
Here is a link to a video report focusing on the British Bobby’s case https://youtu.be/vOfrNS08xj4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjW3YQW9frM      source credit Joseph Burkes MD
three gray aliens

UFOs vs Unidentified Aerial Phenomena U.A.P's

The terms we use are important because they reflect consciousness.
J. Burkes MD 2020
In a series of contact experiences from 1993 to 2008, “UFO” intelligence showed me how they use their tremendous psi capabilities to create illusions, some of which are holographic like in nature. I am now thoroughly convinced that in the absence of objective confirmatory evidence, like radar tracings, much of what flying saucer witnesses perceive to be in the sky are not really objects. If some “UFOs” are not physical objects, but instead are some kind of projection, then what might be a better way of designating them? I believe that Dr. Jacques Vallee employed a more accurate term to describe sightings by calling them “visual displays.”
Therefore, if some, perhaps many, but certainly not all flying saucers are not necessarily objects, logically speaking, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP should be the better term because it makes no assertion that what people are seeing are solid objects.
I recall that the name “UFO” was invented by the US Air Force decades ago when looking for a substitute for the terms “flying saucers” and flying discs”. I suspect this was, in part, because these designations suggested an ET explanation in the popular imagination. By calling them “unknown” the authorities are able to more effectively wage a disinformation campaign to confuse the public. We should remember that the popular researcher Stanton Friedman railed against the term ‘UFO” as well. This was because, in his opinion, the designation was used as part of a what has been called the “UFO Truth Embargo”. He preferred the designation "flying saucer" over “UFO.”
If the rumors that the armed forces have retrieved actual flying saucers since the 1940's were exposed in public to be true, then an extra-terrestrial cause would be nearly impossible to deny. Thus, for seven decades, the US Executive Branch that controls the military has likely KNOWN that technologically advanced intelligence are responsible for the phenomenon and the cause is not UNKOWN. In my opinion flying saucer fans and researchers that cling to the government’s “UFO” designation are inadvertently reinforcing a concept promoted by the cover-up. This is another reason why I am ready to throw out the term "UFO."
According to researcher Grant Cameron and others, the flying saucer cover-up has historically been a leaky one. In his book “Managing Magic”, Cameron shows how the Executive Branch of the US government has carried out a gradual program of “acclimatization” for the population. Grant Cameron provides a wealth of information showing that this program has been run by the intelligence services at the behest of the President of the United States. Prominent individuals from within the UFO subculture have been recruited on a voluntary basis to participate in this semi-clandestine government project. Thus, Bill Moore in the 1980's, Dr. Steven Greer starting in 1991 and more recently rock star Tom Delonge, have been involved with government and corporate “insiders.” These prominent three individuals and others have likely been tasked to release a sophisticated combination of accurate information combined with misinformation to hide the Executive Branches “fingerprints” in the operation.
Given the complexity of the issues involved and the competing interests of various factions in what has been called the “military-intelligence-industrial complex.”, there appears to be a long standing struggle within Executive Branch around this issue. Former official in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Mr. Luis Elizondo, in a public statement has referred to such an internal conflict in the Pentagon. He and other “insiders” working with Tom Delonge’s “To The Stars Academy” has forcefully advocated for more societal openness on the subject.
Naval Intelligence is apparently leading the charge by bringing military pilots to Congress to talk about their encounters and working behind the scenes in other ways. From reading Grant Cameron’s analysis in his book “Managing Magic”, I now understand that this group of Executive Branch insiders, including former high officials from the CIA have been struggling to make policy change for decades. These groups, as well as politicians like Hilary Clinton have chosen to re-brand the phenomenon as U.A.P's.
I believe that by doing so, they are distinguishing themselves from the more conservative forces that are opposed to opening this subject up. In addition, by using this new term, they are separating themselves from the carnival like atmosphere of the UFO subculture. It is one in which I believe that the most outrageously poorly informed and increasingly paranoid, individuals and groups, argue non-stop over their competing belief systems.
The goal of these elite forces promoting openness within government, industry and the media is almost certainly not the big “D” Disclosure that flying saucer fans dream of.
It is not leading to an authority figure like the US President, or UN General Secretary announcing the presence of “extraterrestrials” here on Earth. Nevertheless, their efforts are playing an important role in a long term process that will inform humanity of its true place in the universe.
In conclusion, I might not like their elitism, but I like the work these insiders are doing. I firmly believe that the flying saucer phenomenon is facilitating necessary changes in the mass consciousness that will transform Earth civilization in positive ways. In order for this to happen, the larger society needs to acknowledge that flying saucers are not only real but are also really important. If those working for more openness on this subject want to re-brand UFOs as U.A.Ps, I suggest that contact and disclosure activists support them as vigorously as we can. I recommend that we use the term that they prefer, U.A.P, which after all as I discussed above, is a more accurate one.
flying saucer UFO Sighting hovering over highway photo

God and the Afterlife Latest Findings Video

Jeffrey Long, M.D. has scientifically studied over 4000 near-death experiences (N.D.Es). Dr. Long reviews this prior research and presents his current groundbreaking investigation of the content of N.D.Es that address humankind’s “Big Questions” which include: Does God exist? Is there an afterlife? What is the meaning and purpose of earthly life? N.D.Es have extraordinarily consistent information that address the Big Questions. Insights into the Big Questions from N.D.Es does not seem explainable by preexisting cultural or religious beliefs.

This is the largest scientific investigation of sequentially shared experiences addressing the Big Questions ever reported. Bio: Jeffrey Long, M.D. is a radiation oncology physician practicing in Houma, Louisiana. Dr. Long has investigated over 4000 near-death experiences (N.D.Es), which is by far the largest number of N.D.Es ever scientifically studied. The results of his previous research were published in the New York Times bestselling book Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences. Dr. Long’s latest N.D.E research is presented in his most recent book God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience. Millions of people have seen Dr. Long discuss his re- search on shows including the NBC Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, The Dr. Oz Show, National Geographic television, History Channel, and on television broadcasts around the world. Dr. Jeffrey Long is one of the world's most prominent Near Death Experience Researcher.

If we only could answer for certain what happens to us when we die and is there a place we go too? This revelation would answer the age old question as to Who What Where are Aliens

Below is a lecture that Jeffrey recently gave on his more than 20 years of survey collections on Near Death Experience  based upon more than 14-K survey participants. Jeffrey has agreed to be the co-chair of the C.C.R.I, Consciousness and Contact Research Committee. 

UFO Phenomena Movie Secret Pentagon UFO Program

Following the NY Times’ explosive disclosure of The Pentagon’s secret UFO Program, James Fox's timely documentary is the most credible and accurate examination of the global mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon. Revealing the monumental events behind the NY Times report, riveting never-before seen footage, and powerful testimony from high-ranking government officials, military, NASA astronauts, and witnesses, the film provides eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe. Former. U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls it “meritorious.” Former. CIA officer, Senior Intelligence Service, Jim Semivan, calls it “The most important documentary of the year.” Renowned scientist Jacques Vallee calls it “The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs”. Among those featured are former. U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff for Clinton and advisor to Obama, former. U.S. Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Chris Mellon, former. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, U.S Department of Defense, former. Arizona Governor Fife Symington, Jacques Vallee, renowned UFO researcher, portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. 

The Phenomenon
UFO Phenomena Movie

UFO Alien Abduction of Sixto Paz Wells Video

Sixto Paz Wells was born in Lima, Peru, in 1955, and is a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial contactee. He has published over 20 books on the UFO phenomena, particularly alien contact, from a spiritual viewpoint. He promotes a systematic method of physical and mental preparation for contact, as well as protocols for documenting, validating, and confirming contact experiences. In this video Ben Lovegrove narrate the transcript of a talk given many years ago by the Peruvian UFO Alien extraterrestrial contact Sixto Paz Wells. The talk was given in London with the researcher, dowser, and author Colin Bloy (of Fountain International) acting as interpreter. 

Part 1 - Sixto’s Talk. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here this evening to listen to Sixto. Those of you who know of him will obviously know that he is a person who has had considerable experience in contact with ( UFO Alien ) extraterrestrials, particularly in Peru, and that from those experiences he has gained considerable spiritual insights and understandings. Now, with his group Rama, he wishes to share (his words) with as many people in the world as possible. I'm only the interpreter, so I will do my best and try to represent Sixto's words in the way that he intends. The experience of which I am a part is one of many that have occurred around the world. My experience is not necessarily the most important nor the most typical. I have served the purpose (of a) witness to share the testimony and I've been able to be instrumental in journalists being present during contact five times. The last time was in 1989 when 40 journalists were present and they filmed and photographed the ship that appeared on that occasion. On that occasion the ship appeared in order to demonstrate that the contact was continuing and the message that they're transmitting to us is a real message. They say they belong to a Great White Brotherhood. It's a brotherhood that forms plans for intervention on different planets. This particular planet on which we live is one of their special (projects). That's not to say that we are like guinea pigs in the laboratory but like babies.

We are not like some sort of farm where we're being bred in factory farming. We are rather like children in the kindergarten where we're still learning, and according to them not all extraterrestrial visitors come here with good intentions. But those who don't come with good intentions have considerable difficulty in entering into our world. Certain UFO ships that have been sent by those people have in fact been broken up by the protective field surrounding the Earth. Continued in the video...

Multi-lighted UFOs over College Park Maryland

I noticed three bright unknown orbs UFOs outside my window during the summer of 2020. this happened on July 23rd at approximately 7:00pm and lasted for about four hours. I was alerted by the loud sound of thunder from an active thunderstorm going on to which I walked over to my sixth-floor bay window (looking west) and noticed the three bright white objects hovering over the tree-line no less than a mile away. The thunderstorm was strong and soon became an electrical storm. I made a mental assessment that aircraft shouldn't be flying, and any pilot up there would be crazy in doing so. Under normal circumstance, three unknown UFOs in the sky would have not been an issue but this storm was powerful, nothing should have been in the sky at the time. except for the storm clouds which made it a bit darker, the sun had not totally set yet, so the daylight was still apparent at the onset of the orb sighting. The orbs from time to time would slowly dim, going from visible to invisible. in one observance, the orbs glow dimmed to where the objects light was completely gone and one craft, now dark in contrast to the sky, was seen flying west of my view but still in sight. This UFO craft, which was once hovering, made only slow movements perpendicular to the west from where it once hovered. Under further analysis of what I saw, if the orbs became dim or invisible, the flying objects seemed to have wanted to make undetected movements. This occasional movement by the craft was the only movement I observed during this event, also probably due to the dark night sky after the sunset completed. Beyond the movement of the craft, a majority of what was observed was the objects hovering beyond this tree-line. The flying objects at one point started as bright white orbs, to other times being orange or yellow in color when at different locations above the trees. Before the filming and pictures were taken, I was hesitant to record what I saw until I called my girlfriend and described what I was seeing. In my excitement, not realizing that I could not record a video while a phone call was in process my I-phone died, to which I had to recharge it if I was to record anything. mufon cms# 111650 College Park Maryland 7/23/20 no video was submitted by mufon.

UFO Photo College Park Maryland

Illusion as a Mechanism of UFO Alien Contact

To Police the Crazies in our Midst, UFO Truth Activists Will Need to Understand the Role of Illusion as a Mechanism of Contact.
Joseph Burkes MD 2020
How is the flying saucer truth movement going to make a responsible case to the people of the world, unless we systematically critique, instead of celebrate, the extreme unsubstantiated misinformation put out from within our midst? This is of particular importance because too often the mainstream media has portrayed us as wackos wearing tin foil caps to “block alien mind control rays.”
This situation is terribly complex for a number of reasons. We are made to look ridiculous, not only by the establishment, but also by the so-called ETs that continuously stage contact experiences with absurd elements. Together with the authorities’ de facto policy of ridicule and denial, it seems likely that both human and non-human forces have created elaborate control mechanisms for human consciousness.
Flying Saucer intelligences operate in a mysterious manner and have been doing so probably for centuries, if not for eons. In order to explain some of the bizarre aspects of the phenomenon, I have developed a model that describes the use of illusion as a mechanism of contact. I call it the “Virtual Experience Model.” According to this schema, the alleged ETs possess amazing psychic abilities that they use to create illusions that we identify as "craft." The situation is bewildering because such technologically created mirages, in my judgment, exist alongside physical objects that are truly real in our 4D reality.
This Otherness That Experiences Now Call ET (TOTENCET), one of my pet terms for flying saucer intelligences, likely can stage virtual reality types of encounters with human subjects. As disturbing as this prospect is, this “Otherness” may be able to create what might be called a “Matrix” kind of virtual reality. And it might be manufactured so skillfully that those within the construct may find it to be as “real” as very moment feels to us, as we are experiencing it.
In addition, the non-human intelligences that are responsible for flying saucers, according to the Virtual Experience Model, can implant false memories of contact. These false recollections are so well designed that when implanted, they convince us that they describe past physical interactions with “space aliens.” With this awesome power of mind, important investigators like John Keel and Dr. Vallee have speculated that the alleged aliens might even be able to create entire belief systems, i.e. religions.
Just stating this as a possibility makes me concerned that we are playing with fire. A sudden unprepared realization that this is true, that ETs have created all our faiths, might trigger terrible consequences. The social glue that holds together our present civilization might be threatened with dissolution. Thus, in my opinion, UFO activists must pursue the path of truth carefully.
Sorting truth from hoax or delusion in an environment of illusion, is not going to be easy, given the complexity of the situation that UFO truth activists find themselves in. This is especially so if the Virtual Experience Model turns out to be accurate, and illusory mechanisms of contact exist along physical interactions. If, however, we truly want to break out of the flying saucer subculture and responsibly educate the larger society, then we will need as accurate an understanding of this phenomenon as possible. As part of this process the flying saucer research community we need to be critical of those that irresponsibly celebrate the most bizarre notions and promote them non-stop in cyberspace.
In my judgment, the Virtual Experience Model goes a long way to explain many of the more bewildering aspects of contact. With a more thorough understanding of the bizarre aspects of our interactions with UFO intelligence, we will be in a much stronger position to describe to the larger community, what is truly happening in the "UFO" contact drama unfolding all around us.
UFO Disclosure 2020

Aliens visiting me at home they are see through beings

Nightly for a couple months at least I have been having some very strange experiences. I just woke up from like a catatonic state one night and realized all around my room was activity and I was seeing little 2-3 foot being Aliens totally busy at work with something involving me but they were see through, almost like walking plastic wrap at some points and like the lightest smoke you've ever seen at others. They also flash brightly sometimes but as quick as a blink. Like a small volt of flashing electricity. The more time goes on the clearer I can see them and they will interact with me when they realize I see them. we will both wave or tilt our heads back and forward. It usually starts the same, I will notice the ground and my chair shaking as if they are coming up through the ground or when their craft lands or possibly when they beam in because some times I can see a beam sound them and they will float up and down from the ceiling and floor slowly but can travel through each at will. I feel at times they ate touching me in the back or on the feet but when they touch me from the back I am in a recliner or bed usually and it seems they have the ability to do whatever they want without anyone noticing and with no issues with the physical restrictions we have as humans. I feel insane saying this on here but I have report to somewhere. There have also been times when I seem to be on possibly a UFO at times when my eyes are closed but when I open them I'm in just at home. I know it sounds nuts but maybe someone can make some sense of this or help me with some information. it makes me want to get out there and get involved. Everyday I have more questions but also feel closer to an answer. This is just one type of many kinds of experiences I've had over time. I've been held down regularly over the years and been held still. I've awaken to I swear I giant man lizard in a red outfit screaming in my face. My ex wife saw that as well. Sometimes it's very scary and sometimes I feel like please take me with you. So strange. mufon cms# 111536 Oklahoma U.S 9/22/20 

Three Gray Aliens

Alien Encounter of the Fifth Kind

There were three witnesses, but I don't know their perspective nor have I spoken to anyone (other than posts) about my Alien encounter. The Alien being I saw is so beautiful and glow everywhere, the whole atmosphere around me changed and time seem to stand still. Everything about the being is so perfect. you can visualize for yourself when you think of photoshop photos, only this Alien being was right in front of my very eyes. I was filled with just love and happiness that the being was my only focus, everything around me disappeared. after the encounter that same day, I had lost time and was in this intoxicated kind of state so much so, that I don't really remember how the day ended or ever going to bed. I do get visits and lessons from the Alien being and when I am quiet and still, I see something like a heatwave hovering near me. I do have a picture of one encounter but I don't want to share it because I promised that I wouldn't. (this being can't be attacked physically, it's just very sensitive and can feel on a whole different level than we). I now have a homesickness and loneliness about me that I just want to go home, and I do hear the being speaking telepathically to me on a daily basis saying, "I will see you soon", "everything is alright Christina," I love you Christina," Christina, you have to wait for me." I know the being's name but I literally can't get it off my tongue. sometimes I wake up with the strong feeling that I was with this being but it's vague, I also think I have a children in another dimension, because one night I woke up and my arms were positioned as if I was holding a baby or small child, I remember feeling very motherly. I also see light balls all the time but I am not scared ever. i sometimes see fast shadows but since my encounter with the beautiful being I don't get scared anymore. this being is with me all the time and is helping me write this and gives me information about current events (more insight). there is so much that I want to say but it's a very sensitive matter, and my main goal is to protect the being. I know this being has power because things around me is so much clearer. I have researched and found others have had similar Alien encounters but for some reason it's not as publicized as others. I know we are not alone, and telepathically this being without speaking told me how to become like it which I am in the process of doing, I can't evolve to my higher-self until I complete these steps. one day when I used to work I felt a shift in the atmosphere and everything seemed weird, along with the people at my workplace, everyone seemed to stare at me, everything around me felt lighter, and everything was just off, the people at my job seem to talk strangely. one night when my shift ended I got up to clock out and the whole office was empty, except for my supervisor who just stared out me, neither one of us said anything to one another, since I am used to these types of events I just clocked out and thought about it on my way home. now that I am ready to learn is when the being speaks to me and lets me know what happened. I really don't need to be told what it's about now like I did in the past, because I have been given proof that my encounter is real, because I am bonded with this being on a daily basis. as far as communicating with others, I don't because no one understands, and I have come to learn that conflict with others delays my evolution process. Because of what this being showed me I know that my human form is not a set in stone type of deal at all, as well as other human beings. I have had beautiful outer body experiences with this being as my guide. I know now that once these beings contact you the learning process begins, and that the beings bond to you and answers the question that no, we are not alone. If it were not for these beings we would not have the technology that we have or anything for that matter. I also know that planet earth's government knows and will not divulge information because human society is not in it's right mind frame considering how we react to things concerning our our own planet E.G. racism, violence, hatred, conflict, etc. We have to be at a certain level mentally to even begin the learning process of things beyond our imagination. planet earth and everything on it is a replica of the real dimension, there is no pollution, violence, hatred, wars, etc. I have learned that planet earth's government is a replica of the government in the real dimension. everything is just more beautiful on a whole other level. Just like this planet's government you have to have certain clearance before you can get certain information, now I know everything is connected. I also want to say that the human body is very limited and our form comes from them, you can say that our form is a lower grade, because these Alien beings are so beautiful and they glow, I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore. We have to be on a certain mental level before we can even communicate, because it's telepathic and the mid has to be on a certain frequency, which is why our lifestyles has to be devoid of superficiality. I used to ignore other phenomenon's but since being taught by this being I know that every type of information is important. I am much more quieter as well because if my mind is cluttered, I feel a loneliness or yearning like I will be left behind or abandoned, but instantly when I become quiet I hear the voice say you're okay Christina." and I breath a sigh of relief, I feel the feeling of abandonment daily sometimes because as a human being I do mess up all the time, but the being also patiently tells me everything is okay. The Alien being is also very involved in politics and what's going on in the world, and can manifest itself to others anytime that person is ready to evolve. our own minds imprisons us and if the mind doesn't evolve then it's imprisoned, even if not behind prison bars. there's a type of influence on another level that doesn't have to be over the internet, television, over the phone etc. (our ways of communication is primitive). The influence that impacts society is the type that is done telepathically, and with great emotion whether good or bad. there are those who have abilities and they are those that are not seen, they can put fronts out and put names to those fronts. I understand this procedure now because of what I am experiencing. when one works under a government there is a great responsibility especially when communicating with society, if negative influence is put out in society then society will act as such, if positive influence is put out in society then society will act as such, the reason being that human beings doesn't as of yet understand that we can receive message directed to the human subconscious. so what government one is under is very important, if one claims to be a spokesperson for that government. more better than adults children can evolve more quickly if taught the right way because their minds are fresher and less cluttered with information. Those with mental disabilities also can detect other entities, because their minds are Unstable. The weaker the human brain the easier it easy to detect other dimensions, or Alien beings. It's true that a weak body has a stronger mind, we rely too much on the physical body and it delays evolution. since we all have a being embedded in our core mind, one can help activate the other, just by being having a positive opened mind and the process keeps going, it's how I became activated. the implants that are pulled out of people with alien encounters are generic, because the real implants are telepathic devices, but the generic implants can be an example of the real implants but just on a positive level. Implants are a GPS which is why I am always able to be located, no matter where I am. the mind is a computer and can be accessed like a computer, and we should not hand over access to it from just any random person or being. We will know when a being is one of us, because everything takes place properly and peacefully. Description: the main Alien being was the focus, but telepathically I saw others round the being's head, is the best way I can describe it. the main being is very, very, very tall and thin. Once I made eye contact is when the Alien being began to glow or shine. I don't remember date...Year maybe was 2016 or 17. I don't know distance. mufon cms# 111527 Kansas U.S. 10/16/2016

United States Military Interest in UFOs Video

UFO News Today: Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist and author of Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. In 2010, her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record was a New York Times bestseller. She is also coauthor of Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit: The Struggle for Democratic Freedom and Dignity as well as Henry Hyde's Moral Universe. Her website is http://www.survivingdeathkean.com/. Here she discusses recent articles she has coauthored that were published in the New York Times concerning ongoing government interest in UFOs. The Navy now acknowledges that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are real, and some officials say the unexplained objects seem to have capabilities beyond our current earthly technology. Additionally, it appears that materials have been collected and are being studied. Much of this interest is highly classified. credit F. Stalter

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