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UFO Sightings Over Vegas Nevada Caught on Video

UFO Pairs Fly Dangerously Close To One Another. I originally shot this UFO Sighting video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of February 25, 2016. The video was remade on November 9, 2019. This UFO Sighting video clearly demonstrates that these UFOs are not airplanes or helicopters. UFOs are approaching Nellis AFB to touch down or land but it is clear they aren't landing like any other military or civilian aircraft would land. They are traveling in pairs that are extremely close together which would not happen normally especially when landing.

Majestic-12 Group Special Operations UFO Manual

UFO News Today: The most credible Majestic 12 document ever leaked is the Top Secret Special Operations Manual SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology Recovery and Disposal. This website provides authentication work yielding the discrete hallmarks of authenticity. Why is it the most important? Because its content is the most arresting. With clear written evidence of a UFO government cover-up, with descriptions of alien beings, and recovered UFO technology. The manual's purpose is to provide instructions to military recovery units about and how to handle the Extraterrestrial craft parts, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs), related anti-gravity propulsion and cosmic weapons while deceiving the public and media that nothing important had crashed to earth. A complete replica, (including the original leaked photograph pages) along with authenticity discussion can be purchased via Amazon along with other Majestic-12 documents. A total of 294 pages.

Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual

UFOs over Washington DC The 1952 UFO event

UFO News Today: In 1952, over several weeks, up to a dozen unexplained UFOs repeatedly streaked across the skies over Washington, D.C. spotted not just by crackpots, but by radar operators, professional pilots and other highly credible witnesses. The Air Force scrambled fighter jets, but the 'saucers' outran them. According to the Pentagon, the UFOs were just formed by COLD AIR FORMATIONS. This "explanation" got absolutely no support from those who had seen the UFOs either in the air or on the radar screens, and the U.S. Weather Bureau, in a little-noted statement, rejected the theory. In fact, the official Air Force position, which it had successfully obscured, was that the UFOs were "unknowns.”

Alien Abductee Reveals What Really Happened At Devils Den State Park

Alien News: Incident at Devils Den is a true story by former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace, who was taken by UFO Aliens on a camping trip. In 2012 an anomalous bit of metal the size of a fingernail was discovered on a routine x-ray following a fall.  Those of us who have been following the Nimitz affair probably wouldn't admit it but it's a kind of relief over the last couple of years to be steered into a nuts and bolts UFO quest and away from abductions and high strangeness. There's perhaps something comforting to be dealing with what seems like real science - albeit of a seemingly very advanced kind. And then comes along a lecture like this one with a believable kind of guy telling the kind of abduction story we've heard countless times before with such bizarre facts that it makes little sense to our cozy, limited view of life and the universe. Weird creatures aboard UFO we can just about stomach but humans working alongside them too well maybe this is the point to assume this witness is making it all up to sell a book (which will probably sell only a few hundred copies) It's all here the implants, the telepathic communication and the men-in-black type authorities who act cruelly with threats. So what do we do with this? Are we anywhere further forward than when John Mack probed this subject? Maybe it's easier to keep sucking the Tic-Tac! credit David Haith. 

UFO News Warren AFB Nuclear Missiles UFO Incident

Nine years ago on Oct. 23, 2010 Fifty nuclear missiles or one-ninth of the US nuclear stock-pile at FE Warren AFB Wyoming were undesirably taken offline into Launch Facility Down (LF) status for over an hour and, per some reports, up to 26 hours. LF Down status means that various security protocols built into the missile delivery system, like intrusion alarms and warhead separation alarms, were offline. In LF Down status, the personnel in the underground bunkers cannot launch their nukes. The missiles are still technically launch-able, but they can only be controlled by an airborne command and control platform like the E-4B NAOC (National Airborne Operations Center) aircraft or perhaps the TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) fleet. A spokesman for the United States Air Force said there had been a 'hardware issue' relating to an underground cable linking the command center an nuclear missiles. However, three Air Force missile maintenance technicians who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of punishment and reprisal, revealed that the Air Force kept UFO sightings that occurred during the power outage under wraps. The witnesses confirmed sightings of 'a large cigar-shaped UFO high above the missile field'. These claims were reported by Robert Hastings through a variety of the relatively more credible media outlets to include Air Force Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, the Atlantic, USA Today, Montana Pioneer and even FOX News, for conservatives who despise the other media outlets. Many will have an initial reaction to instantly discount and discredit reports from "anonymous sources," but they may be are unaware of the open claims that had come out the month prior in September 2010. In a formal conference of the National Press Club on 27 September 2010, a total of six former Air Force officers stepped forward to reveal they had seen or had been involved with UFO sightings at various missile sites, to include Malmstrom AFB in March of 1967 and Minot AFB in 1966. They made the claim that since 1948, aliens have been hovering over UK and U.S. nuclear missile sites and deactivating the weapons once even landing at a British base. Captain Robert Salas, who was among the six, confirmed: ‘We’re talking about unidentified flying objects "UFOs" as simple as that.'

UFO News Warren AFB Nuclear Missiles in LF Down Status

Minot Missile Field 1967 UFO Encounter

UFO News: The following On-This-Day event was logged in NICAP's July-August 1968 issue of UFO Investigator. It was reported in North Dakota and investigated by Chairman Donald E. Flickinger of the NICAP North Dakota Subcommittee. At around 3:00 AM on 27 October 1967, Lt Glen D. Brunsell of the Parshall North Dakota Police Department reported a brilliantly glowing UFO. The UFO Sighting "was so bright," Brunsell reported, "that at times it hurt my eyes to look directly at it." Lt Brunsell observed the UFO making a low-pass over a warehouse and then heading east with an up-and-down motion, almost as if it was trying to gain and maintain the attention of any observers on the ground. UFO then reportedly stopped and hovered near a missile base. While this was not detailed in the original report. Facility H-01 which controlled 10 missiles was located 4.3 mi WNW of Parshall ND at the following coordinates: N47°58′27″ W102°13′20″. The area is circled on the OP graphic that has been provided for your reference. Lt Brunsell stated that the UFO Sighting moved slowly in that area of five minutes before "it suddenly shot straight up into the sky" disappearing in a matter of only seconds. A Parshall cafe waitress, whose name was removed from the report on her request, reported having encountered the UFO a few minutes prior in which it apparently caused her vehicle to begin "sheering very hard, bumping and swaying around on the road like it had four flat tires." It followed and paced her car and she could see "two or three white-appearing streaks of light coming down vertically from the UFO." It stopped and hovered near her home as she was arriving and then she reported that it passed over a warehouse north of her residence. Her report of the warehouse marked an independent confirmation of that report provided by Lt Brunsell. credit Thomas Owens.

27 October 1967 Minot Missile Field UFO Encounter

Kenneth Arnold & Rhoades 1947 UFO Photo's

UFO News: FACTS just the FACTS  There are several elements in the Rhoades story that will intrigue you! First we have the date of the photos (July 7th, 1947) ironically the same time frame of the Roswell UFO incident. Rhodes took his photo’s in Phoenix, AZ, where he lived. Men in Black visited Mr. Rhodes and supposedly warned him about discussing the photos they said that "would be considered and act of espionage". Air Force records indicate that the military took the matter seriously, as AF records show (INCIDENT 40, July 7, 1947, 1600 hours, Phoenix, AZ) Of course , an analysis by John A. Clinton, for the Air Force, adjudicated the photos were faked. However, William Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch disagreed. He went on to write that the Rhodes photos were real showing a large UFO (30/35 feet in diameter), about 4000 feet from Rhodes box camera. The moving UFO had a light source it was not a hole in the middle as some saw it, it appeared manufactured, with venting holes on the back side. Kenneth Arnold reportedly said, "On June 24th when I made my observation of the nine UFO flying disks, the second one from the bottom looked just exactly like the picture that Captain Davidson drew for Arnold of the Rhodes UFO. The photos were taken from him by two members of the intelligence community. Rhodes said, and they were never returned or found. Rhoades attempting a lawsuit to retrieve them, but did not transpire. The Rhodes story and photos fascinate some and I can see why; The date of the photography, the men in black, the contrary evaluations of authenticity, the Arnold insinuation, and Rhoades credibility! credit John Fasano/ Find More UFO News Here 

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting 1947

Red Disk UFO reported 1965 Minnesota

On October 21, 1965, at about 6:10 p.m. Arthur Strauch, Deputy Sheriff of Sibley County, Minnesota, in the company of four others was returning from a bow-hunting trip by car. They suddenly saw a strange disk-shaped UFO when they were two miles west and north of Saint George. After watching the strange UFO for about ten minutes, Strauch got out of the car and took a photo ( above) of the disk. The UFO then began moving at a high rate of speed, passing directly over the witnesses. A high pitched wine was also noticed at that time as it quickly disappeared into the distance. More UFO Sightings reports here credit Rick Hillberg

Red Disk Shaped UFO reported 1965

U.S. Navy UFO Encounter Update

UFO News: Meet navy vet AD1(AW) Ryan Weigelt. Ryan was present on the USS Princeton (CG-59) during the tic tac encounters of November, 2004. He was a helicopter maintenance training instructor. As a member of the squadron assigned to the ship with HSL-43 Detachment 5, the “Battle-cats”, Ryan was a LPO or leading petty officer, training up to 20 people pre-deployment on the operations and maintenance of the SH-60B Sea-hawks. Ryan’s navy career spanned 15 years before he left the service in 2012. His extensive expertise in Sea Hawk system maintenance and operations covers all aspects of the anti-submarine helicopters. During the workups off San Diego, Ryan witnessed several very unusual UFO events that lend credence to the UFO reports from the other navy vets as told in the Nimitz UFO Encounters documentary. Listen as Ryan recounts those events for the first time. I conducted this interview Friday October 11th. Ryan has provided me with his DD-214 Military Separation Papers and I have photo’s proving his navy career. He was an aviation machinists’ mate petty officer first class, anti-submarine warfare operator. If you have witnessed these events from military ships or planes contact us at You can remain anonymous.

Hudson Valley UFO Sightings 1982 1986

While many UFO sightings may appear to be random, isolated events, others are actually quite patterned almost predictable. The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings came in waves, frequently recurring in the same few areas north of New York City. After years of UFO Sightings, it became clear that these sightings followed a few strange, but discernible patterns that seem to suggest that there is some logic to the UFO phenomenon.

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