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Become a UFO Researcher

UFO News: You could be a UFO researcher starting with a new display at the National Archives Museum. At the end of the day, it's kind of immaterial what UFOs are until we can somehow, of our own initiative, interact with them. Below is a UFO Sighting Project Blue Book Chart National Archives Museum. Credit Frank Stalter

UFO Project Blue Book Chart National Archives Museum

The Roswell Reports

Roswell New Mexico 1947 Frustrating what if ?

UFO News: Imagine if the US government were brave enough to take what occurred over Roswell New Mexico 1947, examine and investigate the news story, and then by 1950 (or even 1960) state what has occurred, and what we seem to know and THEN open the phenomenon for additional formal study by scientists, academicians, historians, all interested and qualified parties. What would we know today? Where would we be? Of course, it didn’t happen. So we’ve had to deal with countless efforts to cover-up, deny, and discount observations and evidence for over 70 years. In addition, there are all the hoaxes and sometimes strange, puzzling tales, videos, etc. being produced, sometimes entertaining, sometimes outrageous. Why wasn’t the phenomenon publicly acknowledged? I suspect a good candidate is we’ve feared (for good reasons), if the information, technology were available for study, it might fall into the wrong hands. Our enemies might then use it against us. In addition, I suppose, there was (is) the fear of pubic panic, fear, confusion, etc. if more of what is happening is released.Our times, our species and cultures. Here’s an interesting video interview/report by a Roswell/Corona area/region mortician that seems credible..Credit for Story Rebecca Auge. 

UFO Sightings Encounters over Russia Video

UFO Sightings News: Pilots of military and civilian aircraft are trained and keen observers, whether they reside in the Unites States, Israel, China, Spain, or New Zealand. They understand the difference between conventional aircraft, new military equipment being tested in the sky, clouds, planets, halos, and unidentified flying objects. Soviet pilots were no different.I have collected numerous reports of Soviet and Russian pilots regarding UFO sightings and encounters. Some of the most interesting cases are presented in this video.

UFOs Paranormal Conspiracy Theories

Ben Emlyn Jones is a Former hospital porter who over the course of his life has realized that the Paranormal UFOs and conspiracy theories much of what most other people consider bizarre impossible crazy are actually True not only are they true but they are the most important issue affecting the Earth today. Coming to terms with their reality has become a necessity.

Multiple UFOs Over Maxwell Air Force Base

At 3:20 PM Thanksgiving day in 1950, multiple disc-shaped UFOs overflew Maxwell Air Force Base with one performing a stunt over the town of Montgomery, Alabama.
There were three witnesses and the testimony appears as follows: "The first UFO came from about 230 degrees and, when over Montgomery, ascended to a very great height. As it descended, it appeared to turn over and over. This UFO then moved off rapidly to the NE and disappeared. My wife saw this UFO as it descended over Montgomery and moving off to the NE. As this UFO flipped over several times while ascending and descending, I could tell it was round when viewed from the bottom and thin when viewed from the side. A few minutes later another one passed over very quickly, same direction, level flight, disappeared to the NE. I was not able to obtain a witness to this one as my wife had gone inside the house. It was after this I called out Captain (deleted) and told him I had seen some unusual objects. For several minutes we saw nothing. Captain (deleted) went into his house. After a few minutes two more of the UFOs came over together, they came from about 180 degrees, one continued on out of sight to the north rising rapidly but the other turned and came back over. This UFO then began to ascend and rapidly passed out of sight. Captain (deleted) came out at once and definitely saw these objects . He could not identify them either." The redacted Captain's version of the incident is also on file: "On the afternoon of Thanksgiving, 23 November 1950, while I was in my quarters, 811.C M.A.F.B, Major (deleted) knocked on my door and said, 'I just saw a flying saucer.' Captain (deleted), who was with me at the time, and I went outside to talk to Major (deleted). Later that same after noon, after Captain (deleted) had left my house, Major (deleted) knocked again and asked me to come outside in a hurry because he thought I would be able to see another Unidentified Flying Object before it got out of sight. I ran outside quickly and focused my eyes on an object that he pointed to. l immediately saw a second object. As far as I can remember, they were directly over the building in which we live; they were white in color; one following the other. I remarked to Major (deleted) that one UFO looked like seagull suspended in mid-air with its wings extended but stiff and motionless. The second UFO appeared to be two lengths behind the leader and at the same altitude. The second Unidentified Flying Object looked like a white ball, the diameter of which appeared to be the same as the width, at the widest part, of the UFO that looked like a seagull. They were stationary for about a minute. Then they started moving north and gaining altitude. They disappeared about 30 seconds after they started moving. The two UFOs kept the same relative position to each other during the entire time." In deleting the names of the contact witnesses, keys have been removed obstructing analysis. credit Thomas Owens.
Multiple UFOs Over Maxwell Air Force Base 1950

Chilean Military Confirms Mystery UFO Video is Real

UFO News: Experts cannot explain this UFO video captured from a navy helicopter - After two years of study, Chilean authorities have declassified and released a nine-minute video of a UFO Video filmed from a navy helicopter in 2014. Navy officials admit: They can’t explain what the video shows. A commercial airliner? A weather balloon? A drone? On Nov. 11, 2014, a navy captain and technician were on a routine daytime patrol mission flying north along the Chilean coast, west of Santiago, The Huffington Post reports. They spotted an unidentified object hovering in the clouds, so they tracked it, from 40 miles away, and tried unsuccessfully to communicate with it. The navy captain on the helicopter described the object as a “flat, elongated structure.” The technician said it was “white with a semi-oval shape on the horizontal axis.” The object hovered in the clouds, then moved across the sky emitting what looked like some type of gas. The video, which has been called “chilling” in some headlines, has generated buzz among UFO followers and believers, some of whom believe the video shows a bona fide Alien UFO. “This is the first time that an unidentified object was caught on a high-quality video for over nine minutes and two expert witnesses saw it,” notes “Ars Technica (tech experts) reviewed the video and could not be as skeptical as they typically are. They said it ‘falls far short’ of providing definitive, concrete proof of aliens, but was very well-documented, made by credible Navy experts, and deserved additional consideration. “Considering how difficult-to-impossible it would be to see this with the naked eye, is it possible objects like these travel in the sky more than we have any idea but we just can’t see them? Because it was invisible to radar, there’s really no way to know.” The video’s quality is noteworthy because photographs and videos of UFOs are so often bad that good-quality ones are often dismissed as fake. “I believe in UFOs, but why are all videos and pictures blurry, shaky, and overall crappy?” a Reddit user once asked the online community. Blame it on technology, or lack thereof, for most of us. “Virtually every UFO photo and video in existence features blurry, poorly defined shapes that look more like sonar images and less like alien spaceships,” notes The Paranormal Analyst, a website founded in 2013 to investigate paranormal activity. “In fact amateur skeptics frequently ask whether UFO, or more to the point aliens, are real, why do we only have these blurry photos? “The explanation is simple. These phenomena are often being recorded with consumer-grade cameras and equipment. We are speaking about airborne objects miles away from the eyewitness. Some of these objects move at great speeds, others are poorly lit. All these factors make it very difficult to record a good UFO photo or video. “If you want further proof try to record a video of an airplane flying though the air with a handheld camcorder. You’ll see similar results. Unless we are lucky enough to have a witness with a commercial grade camera and a telephoto lens at the ready to record the UFO, we shouldn’t expect much more than blurry evidence.” It just so happened that the Chilean helicopter had a “commercial grade camera” on board. The technician, testing a WESCAM MX-15 HD Forward Looking Infra Red camera, immediately aimed it at the object and zoomed in, according to The Huffington Post. They tried to communicate with it, but when they got no response they reported the sighting to nearby radar stations. Radar couldn’t pick up the UFO even though it detected the Navy chopper. The Chilean government agency CEFAA, which investigates UFO sightings, spent two years looking into the incident. A group of military experts and other professions couldn’t reach a conclusion about what the object was. They’re stumped. “We do not know what it was, but we do not know what it was not,” CEFAA director General Ricardo Bermudez, told investigative reporter Leslie Kean. Bermudez interviewed the airmen who saw the UFO and said he “was very impressed by these witnesses. They were highly trained professionals with many years’ experience, and they were absolutely certain that they could not explain what they saw.”

UFO Disclosure

Why is it more difficult in some countries to discuss UFOs than in other nations?  I suspect that for many countries, especially in Scandinavia and then Germany, followed by France and the UK, it is far more difficult for UFO truth seekers to operate than say in the Americas, both North and South. I have often pondered this dilemma and the answers I come up with are not very satisfying. In France, I imagine ridicule is kind of like a national sport. The UK has a long tradition of having strict social rules indicating what is proper and UFOs definitely are not. Furthermore, in all of Western Europe there is a history of cherishing materialistic science and acknowledging its success in improving the lives of people. When science becomes orthodoxy and its high priests refuse to deal with UFOs, populations of advanced nations despite being highly educated, follow suit by adopting an irrational form of denial that masquerades as skepticism.

Why is this so? Clearly the reasons outlined above are insufficient to explain something as complex as the nation specific causes for denying the reality of UAPs. When I posted this blog in the past, I received several gems of replies that I will be sharing here. I urge all contact and disclosure activists to review them as well as sharing opinions about the question, Why is it more difficult in some countries to discuss UFOs than in other nations?

The first jewel of a reply was from long time UFO researcher Tony Eckert. His comment clearly calls for new ways of thinking, not only about UFOs, but also about a wide range of anomalous phenomena. The second excellent response was from Stefan Sen. He gave a detailed personal account of the enormous difficulties that free thinkers have in Germany when trying to break through the massive barrier of ridicule and denial in his homeland. His comment is presented in edited form.

Please add your comments to these two I have reproduced. From Scandinavia, Tony Eckert: Sweden is the most secular country in the world, there is only the materialistic worldview, we live in a three-dimensional universe and there is a time stream that moves forward. Within this worldview, the UFO belongs to the mysterious and supernatural, the religious worldview. The new scientific line is the consciousness of the foundation of reality and consciousness is the foundation of the universe does not exist in the public debate. The fact that this world view could explain the so-called supernatural phenomena as natural in a multidimensional world view is not understood by the Swedes. Travel faster than light will then be possible, remote vision, telepathy, psychokinesia, even contact with other worlds and dimensions will be possible with a new multidimensional world view. So it is the world view that needs to be changed. I have addressed this discussion with researchers and the general public. There is no understanding of this approach. They believe that future research is in connecting a computer in the brain or robot arms to the body. Transhumanism!

From Germany, Stefan Sen: In Germany, as far as I experienced, the idea that life is out there somewhere is a given. Yet through our educational TV shows, there is no reason to believe it's more than just some bacteria. We are told that life has evolved on earth and everything else is lower than humans in main stream television. Now if you look at the UFO culture in Germany, ridicule is very high. Yes, you can talk about UFOs, but it's not wanted that you go beyond the question, "Do UFOs exist?".

There are big discussions about whether a photo or a video is real and if that object is a UFO or not. Also, "Exo politics" is a thing here, although widely ridiculed, but we are nevertheless talking about secrecy concerning UFOs. Still they do not go beyond the object UFO itself. The craft that is. Trying to talk about beings in it or what it means for mankind if we have contact with other civilizations is way beyond what people are willing to discuss. You get ridiculed very quickly by the UFO community itself when you talk deeper about relationships between humans and possible visitors. Even though they call themselves "Exo Politics" they don't go much into that subject.

In talking to people about UFOs, my personal experience is that Germans have a very limited perspective on things. That is due to a system that educates the population well, but only within very tightly controlled realms. So yes, Germans are well educated, but anything beyond that education is considered weird or imaginary. Especially when it comes to space or life outside earth. Discussions often turn into a "who knows more facts" and what is considered a fact is what people are being told by TV, universities and so on. Yet this educational material doesn't go beyond very human points of view. German astronaut once was asked wither he believes we are being visited by ET's or not. And he ridiculed that question, saying it does not make sense. He said, and that's a quote: "If I was an ET, visiting earth, I wouldn't come at night, where everything is dark and I don't see anything. So it's highly suspicious to me that these sightings only happen at night."

Total BS, because a) sightings happen in broad daylight as well and b) if you are an ET and have the tech to traverse space at incredible speeds, night vision is like the least of your problems. So this statement by a German astronaut indicated to me that Germany is officially not talking about the UFO matter. It is being ridiculed, so nobody has to touch this subject. And if you say you believe in such things, then you are already a nut.And your credibility is gone.

Sad, but that's my experience. And yes, we have American documentaries about UFOs and stuff on TV, but they run on channels that are known to show a lot of BS. Same with newspapers, the most lying and untrustworthy papers are talking about UFOs, but not those that are generally trusted. I myself got censored when I wrote about such things. I did not even mention extraterrestrials, but it was clear I wanted to spark some thoughts in that direction. The paper that I sent my article to suddenly (they haven't censored me before) said, "This subject is too complex for our readers, so we do not put it out".

And that paper is still considered one of the biggest "intellectual" and political papers in Germany. But they have a guideline that does not allow to spark free thinking, thinking outside the box that they've created. This might tie into the media game that Steven Greer once described. And I asked the guys how my article, written by some middle class educated person like me, is too complex for the readers. I got no answer. So I think the subject is being suppressed on purpose. If some real information is leaking out, then it is being ridiculed. Thus main stream education is really indoctrination thing and that indoctrination is being protected. People think that they are highly educated, but their education is still very shallow and technical. Philosophy is ridiculed as well, seen as something useless.

And our politicians have openly stated that they believe Germans are too dumb to make their own decisions. I'm not joking. They keep us limited in our thinking and they deny any further discussions. This very strict system keeps itself alive by limiting the points of view, perspectives and in general the things that you can openly talk about.J. Burkes MD 2019

Aliens Found Ancient Nazca Video

Alien News:  We discuss the documentary regarding the various Aliens seen and filmed in Mexico and South America and reported by Jaime Maussan. The documentary is made by Darce Weir, Jaime Maussan and Beyond the Spectrum. LINK TO VIEW: SPECIAL NOTE:  This interview contains a very important update by Jaime Maussan on the Nazca Aliens and how there are efforts by government and academics to bury the Alien story from the public and how demonstrations are happening in Nazca because the people want the Alien truth to be shown.

Veterans Day UFO Comes Down Over North Las Vegas

This UFO video taken over Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of November 11, 2019. I had figured that the Storm Area 51 event was going to be a flop and it was but I also figured that it would have a very negative effect on UFO sightings in this area both before and after the event which turned out to be true in my opinion. I am hoping I wasn't the only one who shot video of this brightly glowing UFO that sat almost motionless in the northern sky longer than the fourteen minutes I was shooting video of it. I am glad something like this is happening again but I don't know where this UFO went as it never rose again and did not come down near the Air Force Base at all.

UFO Hidden Secret Nikola Tesla

UFO News:According to Nikola Tesla "We are living in a sea of energy." "Free and abundant energy forever, for all mankind.” Why is it that humanity cannot access this technology? According to Nikola Tesla "We are living in a sea of energy." "Free and abundant energy forever, for all mankind.” Why is it that humanity cannot access this tech technology? Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men who ever lived. If Tesla hadn’t invented and researched everything he did in his time, our technology today would be considerably worse but, is there something more to Tesla? Did he, in fact, have contact with Aliens as he publicly proclaimed? He is one of the most amazing inventors our civilization has ever known. His knowledge and ideas went far and beyond what was known and accepted in his lifetime. Tesla was a Genius, and his inventions and ideas had no boundaries. Over a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the twentieth century, Tesla filed a request to patent a peculiar aircraft, which he called “the world’s first flying saucer,” the worlds first man-made UFO. The methods used in the design of the flying saucer matched the descriptions of those who claimed to have seen the UFO from inside: with a discoidal capacitor with sufficient size to provide enough thrust to fly, while other small capacitors allowed to control the direction of the flying saucer, to which he added a gyroscopic stabilization system and an electric “drive” control. Otis T. Carr who died September 20, 1982, was a protege of Nikola Tesla and emerged into the 1950's flying saucer scene in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1955 when he founded OTC Enterprises, a company that was supposed to advance and apply technology originally suggested by Nikola Tesla. Carr patented a flying saucer, and asserted he was working on a full-size version that could fly to the Moon and return in less than a day, using two counter-rotating metal plates, spinning electromagnets and large capacitors, which when spinning charged and powered by a battery, which became "activated by the energy of space.” In the next video, we will watch and listen to Ralph who was one of the members of a team of researchers, technicians and scientists who worked for Otis T. Carr. Interesting to know is that Ralph Ring helped famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau develop the Aqua-lung (aqualung). He also spent a period working with a government-funded research organization called Advanced Kinetics in California. And that is exactly what they did, they suppressed all of this new technology which could release humanity from the grip of the elite and their enslaving moneymaking system. All equipment, files, and drawings related to Carr's experimental craft were confiscated by government agents.

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