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UFO News Today: Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist and author of Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. In 2010, her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record was a New York Times bestseller. She is also coauthor of Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit: The Struggle for Democratic Freedom and Dignity as well as Henry Hyde's Moral Universe. Her website is http://www.survivingdeathkean.com/. Here she discusses recent articles she has coauthored that were published in the New York Times concerning ongoing government interest in UFOs. The Navy now acknowledges that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are real, and some officials say the unexplained objects seem to have capabilities beyond our current earthly technology. Additionally, it appears that materials have been collected and are being studied. Much of this interest is highly classified. credit F. Stalter

The Hunt Continues For Alien Life Beyond Earth

But Aliens might send something more complex than a single loud note. How do you scan SETI data for something that just seems anomalous or weird? Researchers have been trying to enlist artificial intelligence (AI), but it hasn’t been easy. One species of AI, natural language algorithms, can recognize key words in the flow of human speech think of Amazon’s Alexa, or eavesdroppers at the National Security Agency after being trained on vast speech data sets. But the huge number of narrow frequency channels in SETI data overwhelms these algorithms. Converting the data stream into 2D diagrams that resemble images works better, at least in tests, in which machine vision algorithms picked out strange pictures from a torrent of similar ones. “We have to guess what an anomaly might look like and train the algorithm to look for this, or look for things that look similar,” says Steve Croft of UC Berkeley’s SETI Research Center. How Big Money is Powering a Massive Hunt for Alien Intelligence

UFO Alien life beyond earth


UFO News Today: On May 3, 1957 brought an interesting UFO sighting and multiple high speed photos of an unknown UFO Sighting near Edwards AFB, California. It was the morning of a balloon tracking day at Edwards, and the two-man crews were out at their stations where the permanent Askania theodolites were being stocked with film and readied. At one station, veteran civilian operators Jack Getty's and James Bittick were prepared for their part of the first test. But there in the sky, a different object awaited them. It was distant, but obviously a shiny domed disk. Getty's and Bittick called to the base operation controller, Frank Baker, and asked for permission to shoot some of their film at the object. Base operations took three or four minutes to decide while the theodolite crew watched the disk, sometimes through the small tracking telescope mounted on the Askania. Base then said: “go ahead.” Getty's and Bittick shot 200 to 300 feet of film at 30 frames per second, as the UFO moved away. The two men took the film canister to base and made their report. The film was developed on base and everyone involved got a look at it, including team leader Baker. These men were veteran “object spotters” and had seen all manner of plane, missile, balloon, bombing run, object drop, and parachute, right up to the U-2 spy plane. All of them knew that what they saw on this film was none of those things. The visual reports agreed on a shiny-as-if-metallic domed disk, and the film, if viewed with a magnifying glass, supported that conclusion, according to Baker. Here was a domed disk on film seen by highly credible observers at our nation’s top air technology base.
The next morning, the intelligence boys were at Edwards to grill Gettys and Bittick. In an interview much later in time, Bittick remembers their interrogators as FBI, but that is unlikely. The agents were probably plainclothes but part of Air Force intelligence. The grilling was insulting. Gettys and Bittick were derided with statements like: you know what it is like when you have stayed out too late at night (they had not), or too long in the sun (it was the start of their 8 a.m. shift), and the desert sun will do funny things to you. Bittick got so angry that he got up and barked: “Do I have to listen to this [deleted]!?” Unsuccessful in getting the trackers to admit that they were mistaken in their report, the questioners told the two to “go home and keep your mouth shut, you understand?” Recalling those moments, Bittick said: “It’s a funny thing how they try to cover up what they know and use a stupid answer for it.”
The “stupid answer” was that Getty's and Bittick had seen and filmed a balloon. This is not obviously stupid, even in the face of the witnesses saying that it looked like no balloon and moved faster than any balloon and they had seen many, many balloons in their spotting scopes, and this was not one. Still, a balloon had been launched at 7:40 a.m. from Edwards, so no one from Blue Book or from wherever the interrogators had originated bothered actually to look into the possibility of a balloon misidentified. Fortunately, there was in this case a conscientious Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at Edwards AFB who did so. Lt. Colonel Raymond Klein checked on the balloon launch and obtained the data on it (it was being followed and recorded at ten-minute intervals). Klein knew exactly where that balloon was throughout the theodolite filming experience, and wrote A.T.I.C with his analysis: “Based on the above track made and the location of the observers at the time of the UFO sighting, the weather balloon released at Edwards could not have been the unidentified object reported.”

Secrets of UFO Propulsion Systems & Conspiracy Theories

This October 2019 posting from the publication VICE should be required reading for all contact and disclosure activists. It ends with a brief mention of how my former friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. Steven Greer is playing a role in assisting the spread of conspiracy theories.
I was a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 to 1998. As a member of the CSETI Board of Directors, I was empowered to conduct media events and fund raising for what I believed was an organization driven by high ideals. In the Western US, as well as in Canada and the UK, as part of my volunteer efforts for Dr. Greer’s group, I did workshops promoting what I now call HICE, Human Initiated Contact Experiences aka CE-5's. I resigned from the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in 1998 for personal and political reasons and have not spoken to its Director since.
It is disappointing to witness how much Dr. Greer has fallen prey to a conspiratorial approach to the flying saucer challenge. His repeated use of the term “the Cabal” which has antisemitic origins, was a warning sign decades ago. Although Dr. Greer was a talented physician and still is a superb meditation instructor, his political knowledge was rudimentary in the 1990's and in my opinion it still is. In contrast, when I joined CSETI in 1992, I had been a volunteer political activist for three decades in the peace, labor and civil rights movements of the 20th century.
The potential for creating a social movement around our human initiated contact efforts was apparent to me from the moment I joined CSETI. This would require, however, a far more sweeping power structure analysis of the UFO cover up than Dr. Greer could provide. Rather than viewing what has been called “the UFO truth embargo” as the product of a highly clandestine “Cabal” of evil people, it was apparent to me that the flying saucer phenomenon threaten all terrestrial ruling classes. This includes the economic, political, and military elites, as well as fundamentalist religious elites.
Thus, the de-facto policy of ridicule and denial was not an aberration, driven by a small group of conspirators, but rather a project of the entire ruling class that will do what is necessary to defend the social system over which it has effective control. If there is a “conspiracy”, it is one that is hiding in plain view because of the following:
1.Flying saucers threaten the US military because they interfere with nuclear weapons systems and fly circles around the most advanced aircraft.
2.UFOs are not running on fossil fuels. If the secrets of their propulsion systems could be safely introduced into terrestrial industry, the empire of oil would wither away. This would reduce the effects of global warming, as well as the profits generated by the largest industry in the world.
3. All big politicians base their political power on nationalism. If the masses of our planet realized that advanced cultures of a likely extraterrestrial nature were present here, globalization would accelerate. The ideal of “one planet, one people” would leave the most nationalistic politicians with a diminished political base.
4. Any positive spiritual component of contact with UFO intelligence's undermines the teachings of the most reactionary fundamentalist faiths, some of which view the “ET's” as demons.
Without this most basic outline of a necessary power structure analysis, the CSETI Director as well as other prominent personalities in the UFO subculture, have become inadvertent proponents of conspiratorial explanations. It is the kind of thinking that fertilizes the ground on which groups like Q can grow and flourish.
I am deeply concerned about QAnon conspiracy ideas penetrating into the CE-5 community. Several times per week I get requests to be a Facebook friend from likely followers of Q. It is very disturbing to witness how much influence this bizarre conspiracy theory is starting to have in the pro contact community. Some people are so influenced by what I view as nonsense, that our friendships are pretty much over. I am dismayed by just the possibility that people who believe President Trump is some kind of UFO “Messiah” are attempting fieldwork under the CE-5 banner. Decades ago, I was proud of volunteering to work under that banner. Now I promote the acronym HICE, Human Initiated Contact Experience, to describe a worthy outreach program to the non-human intelligence's associated with flying saucers.
Despite these very disturbing developments, the possibility of creating a new kind of social movement exists, perhaps now more than ever before. Increased openness by the authorities concerning what they call “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” is helping to alert millions of people that UFOs are real and are really important. It is vital for contact/disclosure activists to discuss how solutions to the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing humanity, might be related to the flying saucer phenomenon. source Joseph Burkes MD  QAon and UFO Conspiracies Are Merging 
two flying saucer ufo

UFO Seemed to hide in the clouds and then pop out reported

I went outside to look at the bright moon approximately 1:30 AM. I stay up late usually. My back yard sits on a large river. From where I stood out back, facing southeast, I saw this very bright, mostly round, solid circle UFO in the ski and it was moving at a very slow speed towards the moon. The moon was more in the South position at this time. I realized this UFO Sighting was not a star as it was surely in earth’s atmosphere. UFO was just too close to be a star. At first I thought it was one of those lanterns you can light up and send in to the sky, but the way this UFO moved up and then horizontally, and then would be stationary in the sky, plus, it seemed to also get larger then smaller. It’s light didn’t flicker as a lantern would so I ruled out that thought. I observed that I could not see one other star in the ski that night. Not one. UFO Sighting seemed to hide in the clouds and then pop out where the cloud had a separation. It almost seemed “shy”. I knew it was unusual so I grabbed my phone and took pictures to the best of my ability. I took many pictures trying to get a good focus but it wasn’t easy. I also tried to video tape the object, with my phone, but the videos did not work. My videos remained black. I then used binoculars and the UFO seemed to have tentacles that also lit up. In the center of the round part seemed to have darker shades as in a nucleus. I took many pictures and in one pic, where it took a double shot (moving picture), the object obviously shoots out a plume! In another picture, there is a pale blue looking object next to it. Another picture seems to show the object sideways and it appears the be crescent shaped. I watched this object for about 40 minutes and because of it getting so late and it just was so slow, I went to bed. I had no feelings of being afraid as I said earlier, it almost seemed shy and felt no harm in it. I am only reporting this because I looked up you-Tube and saw someone else saw this bright light in our sky the same night and new I wasn’t alone in what I saw. I t! old my husband the next morning and he of course laughed at me until I showed him the pictures!  source nuforc.org Image depiction below.

Black flying saucer UFO

An Intelligent Approach to UFO Disclosure

Dueling Paradigms and the Road Ahead.
There are several paradigms that we can use to investigate UFO related phenomena. One might employ a legal approach in which the judicial rules of evidence with police like procedures might be used. The scientific model is another paradigm. This is the avowed perspective of civilian investigative groups like the Mutual UFO Network. I prefer the Intelligence Model of Val Germann put forth 20 years ago, and as is the case for most original thinkers in ufology, he was nearly totally ignored. I have modified Germann's analysis to meet what I imagine are the needs of a nascent social movement linking UFOs to possible solutions for the challenges that our civilization is facing. Given the power elites' opposition to revealing the truth about flying saucers, it is understandable that they might view such efforts as highly subversive to the status quo. Any potential threat to the power of the ruling classes is going to trigger a reaction from them. This is one rationale for the UFO coverup with continued surveillance and harassment of UFO experiencers by clandestine intelligence operators. So, we now are looking at a dynamic in which an intelligence-counter intelligence approach to UFOs can have utility. In a struggle that will determine the future of Earth civilization, there will be those that support radical reforms, establishing world peace and ending environmental pollution, poverty and ignorance. And then there are those that promote conflict, social injustice and the increased accumulation of wealth by the super-rich.
In this conflict-oriented description of the world scene, UFO intelligences are perhaps not an impartial cold and distant mysterious force. In my judgment, they are a potential ally of those that want peace, environmental protection and a new world order based on cooperation, not conflict.
Time will tell if this approach to the flying saucer mystery has any utility. As a contact activist and as a veteran of the social movements that flourished during the second half of the 20th century, it is a comfort to imagine that we just might have “friends in high places” who are offering limited assistance in the struggles ahead. Source J. Burkes MD 2017
UFO Disclosure

Artificial UFO Alien Moon Disclosure

The Moon, or Luna, is a natural body that had been retrofitted into a space station (Artificial Satellite).
It is currently divided into a diplomatic zone, similar to how Antarctica is among our nations. There are groups of  UFO Alien beings that are very unfriendly to each other that are a few kilometers apart on the Moon that exist in peace as long as strict protocols are followed. The entire interior of the Moon has been built out by different Alien ET races.
Our Moon was transported into our solar system hundreds of millions of years ago by another race. It was put into orbit around the Earth 64 million years ago. An energetic tether emanating from deep inside the Earth anchors the Moon in its near-perfect circular orbit. Its main purpose was to speed up evolution on Earth following the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Operation Brilliant Pebbles, was a classified program in which a supercomputer forensically traced back the trajectories of all objects in the Asteroid Belt. They discovered that millions of years ago, all of their orbits converged into a Super-Earth, which exploded due to a catastrophe. It was named Marduk (Maldek).
The destruction of a Super Earth (Maldek) reveals astonishing historical facts that are very helpful for understanding our real galactic history. The Super Earth was destroyed in a titanic battle, which resulted in its moon sized 'Space Station' (being used as a escape pod at the time), being positioned into Earths orbit. The other side of the Moon and Mars show significant damage from the explosion.
There is a city on the Moon where Helium-3 is mined.
Multiple whistle-blowers have testified to seeing ancient structures and 'Chrystal Domes' on the dark side of the moon.
1.↑ “Who Built The Moon?” Cosmic Disclosure. Gaia. March 15, 2016.
2. ↑ “Dr. Bill Deagle's experiences at Schriever Air Force Base, CO”
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https://youtu.be/NmSxf_yZCSQ   Credit Allan Weir
UFO Alien Moon

Interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua could still be Alien Technology

Alien News: An article published 20th August 2020 in Livescience.com.

Interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua could still be Alien technology, new study hints By Rafi Letzter. A rather lengthy article on a new study which was published Monday (Aug. 17) in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Loeb and Thiem Hoang, an astrophysicist at the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, proposing that Oumuamua could lean towards the Alien hypothesis based on scientific principles. credit Roy J Hale

Oumuamua alien technology

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