UFOs The Lost Evidence Season 02 Ep 01

UFO News: The Lost Evidence examines UFOs that may be inhabiting our oceans, top-secret military base Area 52, pilot and astronaut UFO sighting accounts, and deathbed confessions.

Video Proof Of UFOs

Within this video is proof the we are being visited by UFO craft. Irrefutable proof. 90 degree turns, changes in speed and direction of UFO's/UAP's. This is only part one. August 2019 UFO i-TEAM trip part 1


UFO is a term commonly used to label an object observed in Earth’s atmosphere (or the space beyond) that is impossible to identify. The act of observing a UFO is not an ordinary occurrence. Any extraordinary observable object or event is considered to be a phenomenon. Sighting a UFO is clearly a phenomenon.

Furthermore, an anomaly is a unique object or event that has perceptual qualities. Humans perceive things with their senses. To be precise, sighting a UFO would be an anomalous phenomenon.

A healthy human brain needs exposure to exceptional random events to grow to its full potential. A human being’s brain craves novelty and unpredictability. Brains love to order confusion.

Some parts of the brain are hardwired. The brain’s wrinkled gray matter is connected to sensory inputs and motor outputs with chains of nerve cells. However, significant portions of the brain are not linked together. During a UFO experience, the brain gets rewired.

While a person is experiencing a UFO, nerve cells in the brain are stimulated. These nerve cells receive and send electrical signals. Such cells are called neurons.

The neurons in the brain, which are involved with processing the UFO, fire together. Once they fire, they form a specialized circuit. This newly connected circuit reforms the brain. Sighting a UFO actually changes a brain.

When a UFO experience is repeated, the neurons in the circuit mentioned above grow closer together. Accordingly, the circuit fires faster—causing the brain to work better. Usually, a UFO encounter enlists the observer's sensory, perceptual, effective, and cognitive mechanisms.

In short, UFO sightings engage several brain areas allowing incoming information to be placed into various parts of the brain. The new data will also be available for addressing challenges later on in life. In general, life becomes more gratifying once the brain has learned to establish order in a universe of chaos.

Witnessing an unidentified aerial anomaly often brings about a rare state of mind. Seeing a UFO involves torrents of mental processes that occur instantaneously. For example, on or about June 24, 1989, at or around 12:30 A.M., I was driving on Route 22 in Pennsylvania’s mountainous Cambria County. Route 22 was a four-lane highway with a metal guardrail bordering its sides.

The car I was driving was a gently used 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco. This particular VW was pewter-colored. It also had a moon roof.

At that time of the morning it was dark, warm, humid, mostly clear, but with some tufts of scattered fog. The moon was shining through my car’s gaping moon roof. It was a great time to be motoring.

Suddenly, through the windshield, my peripheral vision caught an object stirring. To my right, something was moving on the ground about 35 yards ahead. The object was off of the highway and behind the guardrail. That section of guardrail was situated on a flat piece of land. There was a large tree on the land several feet beyond the far side of the guardrail. The land stretched for quite a few feet past the tree before the terrain dropped down to a trench of sorts.

The object was moving around near the base of the tree’s trunk. The thing was solid black in color. It seemed to be on or near the ground. At that moment, the object was animated. It was at the bottom of the tree, but off to the right a bit (stage left).

I slowed the car a little and focused on inspecting the moving UFO. Within a fraction of a second, the thing froze in place. It waited for my car to get closer before it made its big move.

As I slowly drove nearer to the spot where the object was located, the thing gently rose from its hiding place behind the guardrail. The entity floated up until it reached a position slightly beneath the lowest hanging branches of the tree.

While the UFO effortlessly lifted, it changed color: From deep black, to a camouflage-like gray with black blotches, to a solid grayish white. Once it achieved a solid light color, the UFO sailed out from under its leafy cover and flew toward the road.

The thing’s wingspan measured about twelve feet. From tip to tail, its body was about five feet in length. It was longer than my car was wide. Overall, the UFO appeared to be about five feet long with a wingspan of around twelve feet.

At first, I had anticipated a close-up sighting of some sort of large bird. I was wrong. In fact, a lot of things seemed wrong with this close encounter.

As soon as I realized I had come upon a strange flying object, a torrent of thoughts rapidly gushed through my mind. My brain began to search through its neuron networks looking for answers to the following questions: What kind of huge bird is that? Why would a bird be flying at this wee hour of the morning? Is it an owl? Could it be a huge Snowy Owl? What is a Snowy Owl doing this far south? How is this owl able to fly without flapping its wings? Why does this owl not have any feathers . . . .

It was obvious that the object’s odd actions and appearance were working on me. In turn, my mind was rapidly working on it. I was using a lot of mental energy.

The aerial anomaly quickly ascended to an altitude above the treetop. When my car’s headlights illuminate the scene, the thing banked and established a new flight path with my car as its destination.

While lit up by the car’s lights, I got a good look at the object’s underbelly. On its underside, a smooth, translucent skin covered the entire body. It no longer looked like a bird. Its shape was closer to that of a large manta ray. But, this devil-fish was navigating in air not water. Unlike an animal, this thing had no specific head to speak of—it had no eyes, mouth, or beak. It lacked feet and a definitive tail too. Furthermore, it had no visible openings, holes, rivets, flaps, or seams. Too, this odd winged object had no noticeable separations of any kind.

As it flew toward my car, the thing changed color again. This time, it turned a soft white color and seemed like it was lit from within. But when it adjusted course to dive-bomb my vehicle, the entire figure began to glow a fluorescent green. Its color mimicked a luminous watch dial.

The now radiant UFO swooped directly over my car—clearing the open moon roof by only a few inches. As it passed over, the inside of my car was flooded with fluorescent green light—the same color as the UFO.

The “manta ray” flew above my moving car and then abruptly dipped. It nearly hit the paved surface of Route 22’s oncoming lanes. Unexpectedly, it shot up at a steep angle and flew north at a phenomenal speed. It climbed sharply at hundreds of miles per hour, leaving a green trace similar to a gigantic skyrocket’s trail. In seconds, the darkness absorbed it. It was gone. Out of sight—but not out of mind.

Overall, my session with this UFO lasted for maybe two minutes. Regardless, I couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened. As soon as it was out of sight, I expressed my inability to comprehend the encounter by involuntarily hyperventilating. Hyperventilation seemed to be part of my reaction to experiencing a high quality unexplained anomalous phenomenon up close.

I pulled my car onto the shoulder of the road. Once I regained control of my breath, I vowed out loud to report the event. It was an extraordinary UFO experience. When I arrived at my house later that morning, I phoned a report into a UFO hotline. source credit Robert W. Gross (FB)

Breaking UFO News from Rendlesham Forest incident

Important new information has emerged concerning the famous “UFO Sighting” incident at Rendlesham Forest. 'I was scared to death': New account given of Rendlesham Forest UFOs" "Retired Sergeant Michael Stacy Smith served in the 81st Airborne Police Squadron at the twin bases of RAF Bentwater and RAF Woodbridge at the time of the famous UFO Sighting incident in 1980. Sergeant Smith was only 19 when the events took place and has never spoken publicly about his alien encounter until now. Speaking to website The Analysis, Sgt. Smith spoke of a number of incidents which took place in Suffolk only weeks before the well-known incident. The Analysis.net


Skin Walker Ranch Shape Shift Men In Black UFO Bases

Exploring the Bizarre (KCORradio.com) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz are mesmerized by ERICA LUKES as she reveals stunning details of her ongoing research into the weird happenings taking place in the Uintah Basin. With her proximity in the state of Utah, Erica has had a persistent interest in the Skin walker Ranch, a location of regularly reported paranormal activity, where she has witnessed unexplained phenomena herself. Erica has assembled several decades worth of case reports of mass UFO sightings, alien abduction reports and animal mutilations from her years of field research in and around the ranch. She has studied at length the papers of the late phenomenologist Dr. Frank Salisbury of the Department of Plant Science at Utah State University. Salisbury contributed important work on UFO reports in the state with the help of "Junior" Hicks, a well-respected UFO investigator. Erica Lukes is an artist and host of her own radio show, “UFO CLASSIFIED,” heard on KCOR Digital Radio Network. Since childhood she has been fascinated with imagery of how vehicles and beings from space might appear and she pursued this interest with determination. This, coupled with her long-term interest in strange phenomena of nature, led her to take her first steps into radio in 2014 by developing her own programming and interview techniques of known figures in this topic. UFO Sighting reports became her specialty and she joined the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 2014 as a field investigator. She eventually became its State Director for Utah. Within MUFON, she also became an associate producer for the MUFON Communications Team and a part of the MUFON Experience Research Team, having been cited for recognition of this work at both the 2014 and 2015 MUFON Symposia. Additionally, Erica was a team leader for "Project Orange," a program to study so-called "Balls of Light" phenomenon that have ramification in real world science in the form of ball lightning and other peculiar luminous phenomena. An offshoot of this was research into the luminous ball phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway where she conducted on-site research with the guidance of Hessdalen scientist Dr. Erling Strand. Hessdalen has been the site of strange luminous light ball sightings since the 1980's.   http://www.ufoclassified.com/erica-lukes

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