Six Luminous UFOs 1947 Morristown New Jersey

Morristown, NJ UFO
07-10-1947 USA, New Jersey, Morristown. On the morning of July 10, 1947, Mr. John H. Janssen, editor of the Daily Record (an American aviation journal) was flying his own plane from Morristown Airport in New Jersey. He spotted six, luminous spherical UFOs with hazy rings around them flying in a trail high in the sky above him. He grabbed his camera and shot a picture. He was only able to get four of the six objects in the image frame"

six, luminous spherical UFO craft with hazy rings

UFO Phenomena Can You Handle The Truth

We are not being told everything about the UFO Phenomena, there is so much more to these UFO Sightings than we are currently being told. Researchers Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald set out to find the truth regarding this UFO subject and found a lot more than they bargained for.

UFO 2016 Australia UFO Expedition

UFO Experience A Tear Drop UFO Orb In Hindi language "Shanti" means peace and "Bhavan" means sanctuary.. Rob journeyed to the Shanti Bhavan a healing center dedicated to empowerment and service to others by raising self awareness and consciousness for personal, community and planetary healing. His journey was a mix of deep solitude, inspiring interaction and a re-attuning to the inter-connectedness of all things. It was at the Shanti Bhavan that Rob had an experience that changed his life forever. Over the last 4 years, we (the Making Contact Team), have been traveling around the world to over 14 countries, meeting CE-5 observers & documenting our experiences "in the field" with them & on our own. Rob Freeman, Mark McNabb, Lissette Rodriguez. Our "Making Contact Project":

Huge UFO over Kansas City Missouri

Did anyone else see this UFO? I went out for a few minutes last night at 7:45 pm and noticed a huge UFO west of my position at 23rd Street and Noland Road in Independence. This location is on top of a big hill. It looked like it was only a mile away and larger than a 747. There were brilliant white lights all over it and one red light on the left side. The lights were reflecting off of shiny metal. At first, I thought it was a plane landing at the Downtown Kansas City airport, and it would have needed to turn in order to do so, but soon realized that it was flying very low at approximately 2,000 feet or lower and slow-moving from North to South. It did not turn in the direction (west) it would have needed to land. The object then either disappeared or turned all of its lights out. I immediately called another investigator and she had just seen the same UFO in the western skies from her position, which is two miles closer to where the UFO was. So that means it had to have been approximately three miles away, making it absolutely huge - perhaps five times the size of a commercial airliner. The skies were clear last night. I am hoping that someone else saw this UFO and got video of it. NUFORC

Huge UFO over Kansas City, Missouri

Betty and Barney Hill 1964 UFO Alien Abduction

Dr. Benjamin Simon began hypnotizing the Hills on January 4, 1964. He hypnotized Betty and Barney several times each, and the sessions lasted until June 6, 1964. Simon conducted the sessions on Barney and Betty separately. At the end of each session, he reinstated amnesia. On the drive back home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a trip to Montreal Québec, Betty and Barney Hill caught sight of a UFO. The UFO followed them down the highway for some before swooping in over top of their car, producing some strange noises, and suddenly the UFO disappeared. But when the Hills reflected on the sequence of events that night, they realized that more had happened than they'd remembered. After undergoing hypnotherapy, the couple recovered memories of being taken aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship and subjected to intrusive medical examinations. View Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Barney Hypnosis Session Tape (by Dr. Benjamin Simon)

Betty and Barney Hill UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Shows Up During Live Broadcast

On Peruvian TV With Over 200 Witnesses. February 1, 2020 This UFO Sighting Encounter occurred on Saturday during the 'Vigil UFO' of Journey to Other Dimensió n from the beach Yaya in Chilca, one of the most enigmatic places of alleged UFO phenomena in the country. The attendees at the camp witnessed the appearance of a strange and powerful light, which illuminated the sky for several seconds in full live broadcast. “At the moment there is a light that is diagonally on the hill Yaya. It looks like a rhombus. It is forming with the brightness of the light. I want to ask for calm, the calm of the 200 people who are here is very important. At the moment there is a strange light on the skirt of the Yaya hill. It is not on the ground, it is a little higher, ”said Dr. Anthony Choy being surprised by the event. The supposed luminous UFO was seen intermittently and the followers of the program were surprised. Many of them shouted in ecstasy and began recording with their cell phones. After several minutes of discussion and analysis, both Choy and the specialists invited to the program concluded that the light was above the sea. "We have already determined in this unprecedented transmission, we have all seen that the UFO is not perched on the hill, it is floating very close to the hill, it is true, but when it was illuminated, it was above the waves of the sea," he said.

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