UFOs Ultimate "Alien" Abduction

UFOS, NDEs, OBEs, Spirits, the Afterlife are all CONNECTED. One of the pioneers of UFO-logy, 87 year old Raymond Fowler, has a new book titled “UFOS: The Ultimate Abduction”. I, Rey Hernandez, wrote the Forward for his book. From the back cover: "This book addresses a rampant question within UFO-logy, whether UFOS are physical or psychic in nature. In my early days as a UFO investigator I threw reports that contained paranormal phenomena in the proverbial wastebasket. My position, etched in the halls of Congress, was that UFOS were machine-like physical craft from another star system. As time went by, I watched in dismay as several respected UFO researchers moved from a physical to psychic interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. Little did I know that my own view would also slowly be honed to accommodate ever deeper levels of the psychic components triggered by the UFO experience.
Stringed together by synchronicities, I became obsessed with UFO Abductions, Out-of-the-body experiences, Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications, Quantum Physics, and the Time Slip Phenomenon. Studies of these phenomena led to the startling conclusion that they, and UFOS, are interconnected and part of one encompassing meta-phenomenon. I concluded that UFOS originate from the dimension NDErs describe and that we are transitory citizens of that world of Light who shuffle between a particle dimension and a wave (light) dimension through reincarnation.
The UFO abductions reflect entities caring for the human particle form in preparation for their meta-morphosizing by OBES into a new body of light in the afterlife dimension. The robed human-appearing entities that greet NDErs at the world of light appear to be controlling this process and to be genetically related to humans. PLES on the other hand reflect physical humans returning and repeating this process by reincarnation as part of a natural constant inter-balanced exchange between matter and energy – between particle and wave. The analysis is that UFOS represent a final abduction for one’s current life and that we are property!
This is the story of why and how I came to this stunning conclusion. It includes the persons, places, history and experiences contributing to it. Everyone’s life is a story. The question is: Who is writing the Story?
“UFOS: The Ultimate Abduction” by Raymond E. Fowler has been released worldwide. This 372-page book draws on years of research by the author, and tackles huge questions formed through a broad investigation of UFOS and related paranormal phenomena.
UFOS: The Ultimate Abduction (ISBN: 9781735478579) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including barnesandnoble.com and Amazon.
Raymond asked me to write the forward to his new book. Most of his colleagues in UFO-logy have passed away and this 87-year-old was familiar with the FREE Experiencer research study, which validated the many years of his own research findings, and he asked me to write the forward. He then sent me a PDF copy of his book which is a treasure trove of his life, his research, his personal family paranormal experiences, and his thesis that all of the Contact Modalities involves Consciousness and the Afterlife-- the same thesis as all of the Ph.D. members of the CCRI, Consciousness and Contact Research Institute. I encourage all to purchase his book. The Kindle version is only $3 but the hard cover, which I have, is truly a collector's item from one of the pioneers of UFO-logy.
UFOs Ultimate Alien Abduction

Woke Up in Alien Ship

I was sitting up in bed watching a movie and my friend had just texted me that he was coming over to spend the night. It was about 10:30 pm and much earlier than my normal bedtime of 12 midnight. That's the last thing I remember. Then I thought I was dreaming perhaps, but I remember waking up strapped to a chair like a dentist's chair. It was inside a steel room with no windows. There were two Alien beings in front of me, and I felt there was also one present behind me. My mouth was wide open and there was a long flat piece of metal sticking out of my mouth and pointing toward the ceiling. I also tasted something like a very spicy hot salsa in my mouth. I wondered "why is this salsa so spicy?" and the being that was behind me said to me telepathically "it's only hot temporarily. It will not harm you, but will temporarily effect your ability to taste." these Alien beings at first almost appeared to be people, but as I sat there wondering why this piece of metal was in my mouth and why this hot taste was there as well, I began to gradually realize that these were not people and that their eyes were larger than normal and slightly bulging out of their eye sockets. During this time my friend was out on my front porch. He texted me that he arrived. He also called twice. my phone ringer was on but I did not answer the phone. I don't think I was asleep and dreaming because I always hear my phone ring at night. I woke up at 2:30 am in my bed and my mouth was very dry. My friend was not here of course because he had gone home when I didn't answer. I went back to sleep eventually, and when I awoke and made coffee and breakfast I realized that I have no sense of taste this morning. I cannot taste my coffee, yogurt, or peanut butter. mufon cms# 112261 Michigan U.S. 11/13/20 

three grey aliens

Alien Mechanical Figure Appears From Light Beam

On this night, 9/16/20 at approximately 2:00 am, I was laying in bed with my 9 year old son in our “apartment" on my best friends 23 acre property. I kept seeing a light flashing outside the window. It looked as if someone was outside checking stuff out and every once in a while I would get a beam of light almost directly on my window. So I started to shine my cell phone flashlight out the window, basically telling whoever it is that I’m aware they are outside. After doing this off and on for about 5-10 minutes, it stopped but seemed awfully bright outside for a foggy September night. So I opened the curtain and this Alien mechanical figure flew down from the corner edge of the roof and turned to expose itself to me. Before it got one to my window, the big chicken that I am, I closed the window. The next day I had asked my friend if there was a light outside that building that I was unaware of, I knew there wasn’t, but I had to be sure. They confirmed there was not. I thought nothing of it. I thought it was the neighbors messaging around, so I didn’t think anything of it.

About 3 or 4 days go by and by this time I'm sleeping in the main house, again I’m a chicken, with my ex -boyfriend/current boyfriend. I didn’t want anyone to mess with me or my child, so I slept where I’ve always felt safe. Anyways, I’m laying in bed, its probably 1:30 am and I see this light outside, almost a flashlight, but it was too high, too bright and moved smoothly. I’d assumed it was a drone. It was checking out my friends property. So I stare at it, suddenly my vision becomes distorted and everything is black. I wake up my boyfriend and he sees nothing, of course. A week goes by and I see this thing every night and from what I can tell, it does the same thing every night, but I think it has a “watcher" drone or thing. I say this for many reasons, one mainly because whenever I would try to show someone this thing, the light outside shuts of instantly. Either it is telepathic or someone is very close paying attention being a distraction maybe. We put up game cams and all 3 cameras stop recording video between the times this thing is here. It doesn’t show anyone shut it off at all. Maybe it has a camera distortion deal.

There is so much more detail that I really do not have time to explain. This is the Jist of it. Idk if its government or alien. But whatever it is, its very very intelligent. To be completely honest, it hasn’t hurt anyone or anything, it hasn’t stolen anything. Everyone is this house is nothing big enough for any government to want anything to do with or investigate. The property is beautiful, but that’s not a reason to sneak and hide in the middle of the night. I’m scared for my life and my family and for our home. I’m a little tech savvy, but I don’t have the equipment or funding to do any further investigating. This thing has stumped us and our only form of security. nuforc  Birkenfield Oregon U.S. 9/16/20 reported 10/4/20

alien appears from UFO Light

Aliens Manipulation of Space Time & Earth Time

I have been gifted by UFO intelligence an understanding of certain basic mechanisms of contact with them. Out of an intense series of "Alien" encounters from 1992 to 1997 as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative, I was able to learn that UFO intelligence interact with us via illusory mechanisms. I have developed a “Virtual Experience Model” that outlines these illusory mechanisms of contact.
Following my CSETI volunteer days, I read the works of Mr. John Keel and Jacques Vallee. I soon realized that the "Alien"  ET hypothesis was inadequate as the exclusive explanation of what was going on. Critical to understanding our interactions with UFO intelligence, is the central role of consciousness. This also applies to other kinds of contact modalities such, as near-death experiences, out of body experiences, ghost encounters, etc. All are mediated by manipulations of space-time.
Thus, UFOs are a forceful challenge to the practical and philosophical aspects of materialism. This predominant world view is that matter, not mind is the wellspring of reality. This challenge is well described in this thought provoking article by Joshua Cutchins. Joseph Burkes MD.
3 UFO flying saucers

Memories of a Summer Alien UFO Abduction

I did not drink, smoke, or do any type of drugs, but in the summer of 1979, I was coming home from a friends house, driving north on a country road south of Grand Saline late at night, possibly after midnight. I had my lights on in my pickup and then there was a super bright light that seemed to move from slightly east of me to directly overhead. I thought it was possibly a police helicopter with a spot light or something like that. the light was so bright, I couldn't see beyond the edge of the beam that shown down on me and my truck and probably no more than 20 feet ahead. I stopped as quickly as I could so as no to get into an accident because my headlights couldn't penetrate the darkness beyond the beam. It was like going into a tunnel on a bright sunny day. Once I was pulled over to the side of the road, I leaned forward to look up through the windshield of my truck. The last thing I remember is looking up.

Then I felt like I had been transported to the outside of my truck with my hands on the bed rail looking up at the stars and an empty sky. I had no idea how I got there or what happened between the time I looked up through the windshield and and when I was outside of my truck with the engine off, drivers side door shut, and keys in the ignition.

It was so puzzling and I didn't mention anything about it to anyone for many years. I do remember hearing of UFO Alien sightings and making fun of people who reported them before that incident. Afterward, I would listen to see if  I could get any information that would explain my situation. I joined the army in 1980 and served 3 years, and re-enlisted at the needs of the army in 1990. I scored a perfect 22 out of 22 in the cryptology exam and had to take it a second time where I was all but accused of cheating. I scored a 22 out of 22 a second time. The army placed me as a signal intelligence analyst - cryptologist. I served with a TS clearance and attained just about every caveat in the TS realm. I went to briefings on new equipment being fielded, current situations in the world, and had to parse through literally thousands of messages daily (crux of having a TS and read on to so many things).

In that, I discovered the only thing UFO sightings were good for is to cover actual military operations, and never found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. It was all used either to mask actual TS missions or to detract from other things. Knowing what was actually happening in the world led to the the disheartening fact that all news agencies are either fed misinformation or fabricate stories to sell their stories. Did I just say all of them? yes I did.

The first person I relayed my experience to was my current wife. I never felt comfortable enough to tell any of my previous 2 wives. I sometimes wonder why it happened to me and it makes me wonder if there are any consolations between that and many near death experiences I've had (another story). I've gone back to distrusting peoples stories of UFO sightings and Alien abductions. Especially if there are other witnesses. Some of the tales can be explained and I still keep my experience a closely guarded secret, only letting my wife and very few others know. At this point, with technology what it is today, I thought there may be a place to share this and see if there are any other answers to what happened. I'm pretty persistent when I want to know something, raised by my grandmother when her daughter my adopted mother couldn't raise me, and not knowing who my biological family was. I found my bio mother at 29 with a half brother and two half sisters. our mother had two other daughters and eventually we found them. one through ancestry DNA. with that, I found the family of my biological father (he passed away some years ago) and my niece helped me narrow it down to her grandfather being my biological father. so, I'm confident I will discover what that light was eventually. mufon cms # 111996 Washington U.S. 6/15/79  If you have had an experience with an Alien or UFO please share you memories of this encounter with us here 

three grey aliens

Recent Close Encounters with Alien UFOs Ontario Canada

I am hoping to find someone of authority of alien abduction encounters can offer some insight on my recent experience or at least refer me to someone who can offer answers. on the morning of Friday august 28 , I awoke suddenly from a surreal vivid dream. I believed I was dreaming? puzzled as I became more awake, I noticed physical symptoms from events that occurred while dreaming as I will explain later in this written account. I reside in Grande Prairie Alberta. For now I wish to remain anonymous. I am simply looking for answers a bit of background about myself my early visual sightings of UFOs was a small child growing up on a horse farm in Wiarton Ontario. later in life while living in various cities and rural towns villages throughout Alberta, Canada I have frequently seen UFOs. I have flown in many aircrafts, I have a few friends and some who fly privately  I feel like I am more well versed then a regular folk in what aircraft look are up in our skies. I also want to mention several of these UFO Alien sightings I saw where during the day and my young children also saw too.

I know what a human aircraft is and what is not. I have seen various shapes of UFOs like: brilliantly silver saucer shaped, cigar shaped UFOs with black centers (the one my children saw with me in June 2020), and radiant bright light surrounding them, orb UFOs that are balls of brilliant light speeding making sudden directional changes; and that event is even documented from 2017 cut banks, Grande Prairie, Alberta. the one that most frequents me is a red UFO, appearing in silent, brilliant and perfectly horizontal lights and then dispersing into many; I have seen this type of UFO over my entire life thus far. in this latest event from the morning of Friday 28 august, I am unsure if I was dreaming or if it was reality covered as a dream by someone or thing? I am wondering if other people have reported such an experience. can you tell me if similar dreamlike states that masked the reality of an abductee experience been reported? the sensation of this so-called dream has not dissipated and leaves me perplexed. I would so appreciate some resolve to this matter. can you help or even point me in the right direction for help? during my dream I was in my maternal grand parents log and stack wall home which they built themselves in the 80s.

The familiar smells were vivid as the sun shone in warming the cedar wood walls the wood scent filled the room as I walked through the kitchen area. I could also smell bread baking in the oven and herbs from sitting in a sunny window, with a hint of cigarette smoke from my grandfathers woodworking room located at east end of the house. I can see and feel coolness of the ceramic white and blue tile on the kitchen island. As I walked through the alley of the kitchen that has an open floor plan in which the dining area was situated. my brothers and I ate at the island as youngsters while adults sat at a oak dinning table. I was making my way towards my grandmothers rocking chair in the corner of the dinning room, where I sit on her lap and rock as a small child. I had a smile on my face, and I felt happy. My grandmother died quite a few years ago now and my grandfather eventually sold the home and moved into a senior retirement home.

But this house was always my happiest place, filled with the greatest memories. In this dream I was surrounded by people in my grand parent home. They were what appeared to be friends and family members of mine but cloaked as characters/actors/actresses from movies and tv shows I had watched. I felt like I knew them all as who they would be to me in real life but they all looked like a different person, I was comforted by this but confused as to why they were not shown to me as who they really are, rather then some other character. I was sure this was my dream, and I should be able to control this and see my people just as they are, not someone else. I was perplexed by this. I then was searching for someone or something, and felt that it was something of grave importance, but I was so eerily calm, that none of the pieces I noticed were wrong in my dream peoples physical characteristics being replaced/changed did not bother me at all, I simply kept walking into the kitchen slow motion like, studying my surroundings, smelling, touching, and having memories of my grandmother.

I begun to feel a panic creep up in me as I reached the rocking chair I could not understand why. As I turned around to look behind me, I was whiplashed into a bright white room. I could not see any details except for a woman on a table. I was calm, but curious and had sneaking panic. She felt like she was me, but she was not, she looked like an actress from annihilation (Natalie Portman to be exact), but I could feel and hear her as if she were me. I looked from her/me to around the room, and it was so bright, I could not see walls, corners, doors, nothing. looking back at her/me I studied her on the table, she wasn't bound except for white bands on her wrists they almost looked to be made of light, instead of a firm material band you usually see. she/me was naked, there were tubes or wires coming from under a sheet that covered her/my breasts right side I am not sure where they were going into my body, staring at her/my face she looked panicked and was totally unable to move (I remember this feeling clearly, as if being drugged with GHB which has happened to me in the past). as her panicked eyes followed me looking at her, I heard her (my) voice inside my head saying over and over between screams, just five more minutes, I can make it five more minutes don't pass out, just five more minutes.  

I chanted this over and over. I saw a huge tube up her/my right nostril. I heard what sounded like a drill or a shriek of some kind, and again I was screaming in my head just five more minutes. I woke from this so-called dream and spun to the edge of my bed. I felt the bed and comforter and grounded myself. I had a huge pain in my right nostril and headache through and behind my right eye I held it and ran to the bathroom. nothing looked different, but the pain was excruciating. my right nostril and eye bothered me all day the day after, and even now, after this dream. I could not even put my contact lenses in and have opted for my glasses instead. I had a feeling that something was up my nostril all that day, and that continues. like something is lodged between my nasal passage and my eye. I blew my nose the day after, and a huge blood clot came of my nose, yet no nose bleed, and I have never had nose bleeds or clots in my nasal passages before even when I have had a nasty cold. the pain and discomfort have subsided, but I still can feel something there, as if to have an oncoming of a cold but no such thing I have had vivid dreams before, but never one that rendered me with physical, and lasting, symptoms of the dream. I hope this reaches you, someone, anyone; perhaps I can get some answers. thank you.   mufon cms# 111328 Alberta Canada 8/28/20

Three Gray UFO Aliens

UFO Alien Doctors do they heal abductee's?

Visitors from the Unknown” is a 1991 docudrama that covers not only the Travis Walton case, but also the encounters of a British policeman and civil rights activist John Salter. Salter was a college instructor in the 1960s and became known for his leadership role in the Jackson Mississippi desegregation campaign. Later he wrote a book about the struggle the pitted non-violent civil rights activists against racists gangs and police that savagely attacked them.
Additional Comments:
J. Burkes MD: If memory serves me correctly, all three cases should be considered examples of UAP healings. Travis Walton was described as being hit by some kind of energy beam and then abandoned by his comrades who probably thought that he had been killed. Did he then spend the next few days in the ET equivalent of an ICU where he was resuscitated?
John Salter had a terrible tobacco habit. He stated that he smoked like an “Arizona smelter” with lines on his face which are so common in heavy smokers. Following his missing time experience with his son during a drive to the Deep South, he described having spontaneous recall of a friendly on-board experience with grey skin colored ETs. He subsequently lost all desire to smoke, a dependency that he had for decades. The heavy lines on his face cleared and he noted that his nails had to be clipped weekly instead of monthly.
The British Bobby while on duty had been savaged beaten in his groin area. According to this report he was told that he could never father a child. Nonetheless, after his encounter he was able to sire offspring.
If terrestrial medical science were able to learn the secrets of these apparent healings, what a boon it would be for our patients. Instead of calling flying saucers a threat, perhaps we should view them as a great opportunity to learn and prosper.
Here is a link to a video report focusing on the British Bobby’s case https://youtu.be/vOfrNS08xj4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjW3YQW9frM      source credit Joseph Burkes MD
three gray aliens

UFOs vs Unidentified Aerial Phenomena U.A.P's

The terms we use are important because they reflect consciousness.
J. Burkes MD 2020
In a series of contact experiences from 1993 to 2008, “UFO” intelligence showed me how they use their tremendous psi capabilities to create illusions, some of which are holographic like in nature. I am now thoroughly convinced that in the absence of objective confirmatory evidence, like radar tracings, much of what flying saucer witnesses perceive to be in the sky are not really objects. If some “UFOs” are not physical objects, but instead are some kind of projection, then what might be a better way of designating them? I believe that Dr. Jacques Vallee employed a more accurate term to describe sightings by calling them “visual displays.”
Therefore, if some, perhaps many, but certainly not all flying saucers are not necessarily objects, logically speaking, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP should be the better term because it makes no assertion that what people are seeing are solid objects.
I recall that the name “UFO” was invented by the US Air Force decades ago when looking for a substitute for the terms “flying saucers” and flying discs”. I suspect this was, in part, because these designations suggested an ET explanation in the popular imagination. By calling them “unknown” the authorities are able to more effectively wage a disinformation campaign to confuse the public. We should remember that the popular researcher Stanton Friedman railed against the term ‘UFO” as well. This was because, in his opinion, the designation was used as part of a what has been called the “UFO Truth Embargo”. He preferred the designation "flying saucer" over “UFO.”
If the rumors that the armed forces have retrieved actual flying saucers since the 1940's were exposed in public to be true, then an extra-terrestrial cause would be nearly impossible to deny. Thus, for seven decades, the US Executive Branch that controls the military has likely KNOWN that technologically advanced intelligence are responsible for the phenomenon and the cause is not UNKOWN. In my opinion flying saucer fans and researchers that cling to the government’s “UFO” designation are inadvertently reinforcing a concept promoted by the cover-up. This is another reason why I am ready to throw out the term "UFO."
According to researcher Grant Cameron and others, the flying saucer cover-up has historically been a leaky one. In his book “Managing Magic”, Cameron shows how the Executive Branch of the US government has carried out a gradual program of “acclimatization” for the population. Grant Cameron provides a wealth of information showing that this program has been run by the intelligence services at the behest of the President of the United States. Prominent individuals from within the UFO subculture have been recruited on a voluntary basis to participate in this semi-clandestine government project. Thus, Bill Moore in the 1980's, Dr. Steven Greer starting in 1991 and more recently rock star Tom Delonge, have been involved with government and corporate “insiders.” These prominent three individuals and others have likely been tasked to release a sophisticated combination of accurate information combined with misinformation to hide the Executive Branches “fingerprints” in the operation.
Given the complexity of the issues involved and the competing interests of various factions in what has been called the “military-intelligence-industrial complex.”, there appears to be a long standing struggle within Executive Branch around this issue. Former official in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Mr. Luis Elizondo, in a public statement has referred to such an internal conflict in the Pentagon. He and other “insiders” working with Tom Delonge’s “To The Stars Academy” has forcefully advocated for more societal openness on the subject.
Naval Intelligence is apparently leading the charge by bringing military pilots to Congress to talk about their encounters and working behind the scenes in other ways. From reading Grant Cameron’s analysis in his book “Managing Magic”, I now understand that this group of Executive Branch insiders, including former high officials from the CIA have been struggling to make policy change for decades. These groups, as well as politicians like Hilary Clinton have chosen to re-brand the phenomenon as U.A.P's.
I believe that by doing so, they are distinguishing themselves from the more conservative forces that are opposed to opening this subject up. In addition, by using this new term, they are separating themselves from the carnival like atmosphere of the UFO subculture. It is one in which I believe that the most outrageously poorly informed and increasingly paranoid, individuals and groups, argue non-stop over their competing belief systems.
The goal of these elite forces promoting openness within government, industry and the media is almost certainly not the big “D” Disclosure that flying saucer fans dream of.
It is not leading to an authority figure like the US President, or UN General Secretary announcing the presence of “extraterrestrials” here on Earth. Nevertheless, their efforts are playing an important role in a long term process that will inform humanity of its true place in the universe.
In conclusion, I might not like their elitism, but I like the work these insiders are doing. I firmly believe that the flying saucer phenomenon is facilitating necessary changes in the mass consciousness that will transform Earth civilization in positive ways. In order for this to happen, the larger society needs to acknowledge that flying saucers are not only real but are also really important. If those working for more openness on this subject want to re-brand UFOs as U.A.Ps, I suggest that contact and disclosure activists support them as vigorously as we can. I recommend that we use the term that they prefer, U.A.P, which after all as I discussed above, is a more accurate one.
flying saucer UFO Sighting hovering over highway photo

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