Women has UFO Sighting Alien Abduction implant in nose

From 2016 to now starting in San Francisco Ca to Memphis, to Cape Coral Fla. UFOs follow me everywhere I go. It started in 2016 in California. I was a truck driver and out of nowhere I started seeing light orbs everywhere in my house I felt a presence and i could smell them very time they came around. My nose started hurting so I ripped inside out my nose had no idea why it was hurting then I pulled this implant out my nose. It was still attached to membrane so I couldn't remove it completely. When I had it dangling is when I first saw Aliens. They came right then and abducted me again to reinstall this implant. After this in 2018 valentine's day 5 aliens came to my friends window and tried talking to me but they sounded like birds. My friend saw this they were there over an hour. We recorded it but when viewing it it was nothing but static. The UFO is outside my house right now. The military fly huge airplane looking drones over my house all the time so they knew they was here. I can give the location of 3 different spots they flew drones over me. I have video of UFOs and pics of alien also have pics of weird things they was doing around me. This is no joke. A doctor at Oakland hospital even saw the aliens when I was there because I thought I was going crazy. mufon cms# 113857 Florida 11-16-20 Reported 2/26/21 this Region has had 5,846 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

women encounters alien abduction

Abducted from Bed saw Three Alien entities

I woke up in the middle of the night lying flat on my back with my arms stretched straight up towards the ceiling like they were being held at the wrists. I could not move them. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw three Alien shadows around my height (5'5"). These Aliens were grouped together by my feet and were not saying anything. My husband and I live alone and he is 6'1" and asleep next to me. He's a very light sleeper so he would've heard if someone broke in. I was very scared and closed my eyes. I didn't scream and I don't know why. The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off and everything was fine. I had some red, irritated skin around my wrists the next day that went away pretty quickly and has not come back since. My husband says he didn't hear or see anything and is convinced I had a nightmare, but it felt very real. mufon cms# 113810 Virginia 1/05/21 Region has had 1,502 Reported UFO Sighting cases to date. Image below is only a depiction 0f three gray Aliens.

Three Aliens

Barney Betty Hill Original UFO Alien Hypnosis Session Tape

Alien UFO abduction, sometimes also called abduction phenomenon, Alien abduction syndrome or UFO abduction, is a personally held belief in which the alleged "abductee" describes "subjectively real experiences" of being secretly kidnapped by non-human entities and subjected to physical and psychological experimentation. Dr. Benjamin Simon began hypnotizing the Hills on January 4, 1964. He hypnotized Betty and Barney several times each, and the sessions lasted until June 6, 1964. Simon conducted the sessions on Barney and Betty separately, so they could not overhear one another's recollections. At the end of each session he reinstated amnesia. On the drive back home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a trip to Montreal Québec, Betty and Barney Hill caught sight of a UFO. The object followed them down the highway for some before swooping in over top of their car, producing some strange noises, and suddenly disappearing. But when the Hills reflected on the sequence of events that night, they realized that more had happened than they'd remembered. After undergoing hypnotherapy, the couple recovered memories of being taken aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship and subjected to intrusive medical examinations. This was the first widely publicized UFO Alien Encounter case in modern history to involve so-called "missing time," and it brought the subject of alien abduction to a world audience. • READ MORE: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case...‚Äč


Strange Alien Encounter in Arizona U.S

I went outside to smoke, and noticed something by the pond. my apartment directly faces the pond, and I have a clear view of it at all times. Two nights before this Alien sighting, I was on my patio when I felt something watching me. I shined my light over by the water and I saw an Alien figure jump out of the water and run away like a human. It was tall, dark, long limbs, and ran so fast. I knew it was not a human because no human would go sit in the pond in the cold and middle of the night. I got no video or photo proof of that Alien encounter. I was not expecting to see anything so I was not recording. I just moved here, and I have been sensing there is something outside by the pond every night. I hear the same noises outside daily. Footsteps, splashes as if something is getting in or out of the water, and rustling. Today, I decided to start recording just in case I saw anything. I have proof. I saw something come out of the big pond, then I hit record. At first it looked like a person, but the more I observed, the weirder it got. I watched it pick up the pole (or whatever that is it is holding), and it kept playing with it. As if it was trying to get it to work. I watched it mess around with the pole and walk around with it, then it pointed the object and I saw a flash of light. I have it all on video. There were no cars, bikes, other people out. I even looked to make sure it was not a car. Nothing. After that, it looked up into the trees and went back towards the pond. A few moments later, I saw this Alien appear again without the object and it just walked away. I can't tell you for sure if what I saw two nights ago and tonight were the same entity, but I believe it was. The first Alien encounter, it just watched me. If I never shined my light then I would have never seen it. Tonight, it felt like it knew I was watching. I was scared just because I could not believe my eyes, but I did not sense that it was trying to hurt me. I think there is something going on in this pond. It left the object by the pond before it walked away, so maybe it is still there. If there is anywhere for me to submit my videos, I will. mufon cms# 113601 Arizona U.S 02/08/21 This Region has had 3,504 Reported UFO Alien Sightings to date.

Aliens Use There Minds To Control Us

Aliens use there minds to try to get you to do what they want

First I saw a UFO ship coming over the top of our garage. Then we started seeing feet prints. Different sizes. Then one telepathically spoke to me. I ignored it. Then we seen a big Harry thing carrying our dog food off scaring our animals. I felt bad so I out food out which was the wrong thing to do. They started killing our animals. So I stop feeding them. They can teleport. Create portals. Always having a high frequency in my ears. Hurting me. They mimic. They can fade in front of you and go in invisible. They levitate mess with our minds. Step into our bodies and have been telepathically talking if transfers. They can transfer food to each other. Water. Medicine. And have killed humans and admitted it. There's a family of them and are cruel. Aggressive and think we can't get help. Aliens mess with our cell phones. Can go threw and cell phone and host the other person on the line. Can change words to songs or on TV they record our business and talk of hosting and taking over. Me and our while family has been subjected to this. They were using knocks but now it's snaps of there fingers. They can remote view and separate themselves. They are different sizes and smaller ones have came inside our home bullying us. They transfer smells because they smell so bad so they say transfer the smell. We have woke up with bruises on our bodies on our private parts. Hosted our doctors at our appointment. They admitted to rapping us. And when they host us when we take a pic there energy even toned down we are lit up. We have plenty of pics of proof of what we say. Aliens have pulled our hair. Broke my collar bone. Are hair is trying out and some is falling out. At times we could not poop and other times blood in our stool. They use my sons room and have portals in there too and use him. He's the biggest one in the house. They draw a lot of our energy and we had to replace a 2 or 3 washers. Fix our furnace. When we open our refrigerator It stinks bad. Aliens can come up threw the drain. Mist and can create portals in our bodies which I have seen the light from it and create portals in our animals and I have pics of. They admitted to rapping and hurting us humans and said they messed with the voting if the president to change it so Biden would win. The growl and gave grasp nasty voices and alit speaks different language some know English and they have been trying to make me get out of my own home because they can't control me and I am not going to mind them so they hurt me and I have pics if bruises. Swelling. They keep trying to fit in our bodies and it makes us swell and it hurts us. Me and my family has been dealing with this and it just keeps getting worse especially with the high frequency noise. Some can not get in the door so they try to hear threw electronics and frequency. They have recorded our information and keep causing over drafts in my bank. They have hosted officers of the law. Hurting us. We have DNA. There energy reeks inside and outside of our homes. Very unnatural way out there out if this world stuff and right now there doing a high frequency and hurting the back of my head real bad. They made threats to take over. Please do something about this. It has been going on for a long time now. They change my messages to others for help and change words in messages. They can change into balls of energy. They can sit in my engine for energy. They can erase memories and go back in time. Time was missed. They appear themselves as bigfoot. Aliens went threw the cell phone and rapped my friend Julie Ann too. They can make sounds threw electronics. Any frequency. source nuforc.org

UFO Alien

Strange Highway Alien Encounter Missing Time

After encountering a strange scene on the highway, I couldn’t account for three hours of missing time.

It was shortly after midnight, when I left my sister’s place. I proceeded to drive west on RT 22. After thirty-five, perhaps forty minutes, I approached what appeared to be some kind of accident scene. Both the east and westbound lanes of the highway were brilliantly illuminated. Although, I couldn’t make out any vehicles that were involved.

As I got closer to the scene, which was about 1 AM, the engine failed. Engine, battery, lights, everything quit, and I found myself having to pump the brakes in an effort to slow down. After rolling fifty feet, or more, the car came to a stop; and it was then that I noticed this fog, similar to the fog created by dry ice evaporating. It was everywhere, bathed in the white light that illuminated the surroundings.

No sooner after the car stopped, this Alien figure, resembling the Michelin Man, as if made of stacked tires, and wearing goggles, or something like that, stepped from the fog and approached the driver’s side of the vehicle. I was startled when the Alien figure placed a gloved hand on the open door. I wasn’t aware that I had opened the door, let alone lowered the driver’s side window.

My next recollection was of the digital clock on the dashboard, it showed 4 AM. Seconds later, after fumbling around in the front seat, I found the car keys in the ignition. Having turned the engine over the lights came on, and it was then that I realized that the front of the vehicle was pointed eastbound.

More baffled than frightened, I assumed that I had passed out. I was at a complete loss to explain my experience. I couldn’t account for the preceding three hours, let alone explain the fact that I was parked on the shoulder of the westbound lanes, but that somehow the car had been turned around. source nuforc.org

Alien Encounters Other Dimensions

There were three witnesses, but I don't know their perspective nor have I spoken to anyone (other than posts) about my Alien encounter. The being I saw is so beautiful and glow everywhere, the whole atmosphere around me changed and time seem to stand still. Everything about the being is so perfect. You can visualize for yourself when you think of photoshop photos, only this "Alien" being was right in front of my very eyes. I was filled with just love and happiness that the being was my only focus, everything around me disappeared. After the Alien encounter that same day, I had lost time and was in this intoxicated kind of state so much so, that I don't really remember how the day ended or ever going to bed. I do get visits and lessons from the being and when I am quiet and still, I see something like a heatwave hovering near me. I do have a picture of one encounter but I don't want to share it because I promised that I wouldn't. This being can't be attacked physically, it's just very sensitive and can feel on a whole different level than we. I now have a homesickness and loneliness about me that I just want to go home, and I do hear the being speaking telepathically to me on a daily basis saying, "I will see you soon", "everything is alright Christina," I love you Christina," Christina, you have to wait for me." I know the being's name but I literally can't get it off my tongue. Sometimes I wake up with the strong feeling that I was with this being but it's vague, I also think I have a children in another dimension, because one night I woke up and my arms were positioned as if I was holding a baby or small child, I remember feeling very motherly. I also see light balls all the time but I am not scared ever. I sometimes see fast shadows but since my encounter with the beautiful being I don't get scared anymore.

This "Alien" being is with me all the time and is helping me write this and gives me information about current events (more insight). There is so much that I want to say but it's a very sensitive matter, and my main goal is to protect the being. I know this being has power because things around me is so much clearer. I have researched and found others have had similar encounters but for some reason it's not as publicized as others. I know we are not alone, and telepathically this being without speaking told me how to become like it which I am in the process of doing, I can't evolve to my higher-self until I complete these steps. one day when I used to work I felt a shift in the atmosphere and everything seemed weird, along with the people at my workplace, everyone seemed to stare at me, everything around me felt lighter, and everything was just off, the people at my job seem to talk strangely. One night when my shift ended I got up to clock out and the whole office was empty, except for my supervisor who just stared out me, neither one of us said anything to one another, since I am used to these types of events I just clocked out and thought about it on my way home. Now that I am ready to learn is when the being speaks to me and lets me know what happened. I really don't need to be told what it's about now like I did in the past, because I have been given proof that my encounter is real, because I am bonded with this being on a daily basis. As far as communicating with others, I don't because no one understands, and I have come to learn that conflict with others delays my evolution process.

Because of what this being showed me I know that my human form is not a set in stone type of deal at all, as well as other human beings. I have had beautiful outer body experiences with this being as my guide. I know now that once these beings contact you the learning process begins, and that the "Alien" beings bond to you and answers the question that no, we are not alone. If it were not for these beings we would not have the technology that we have or anything for that matter. I also know that planet earth's government knows and will not divulge information because human society is not in it's right mind frame considering how we react to things concerning our our own planet racism, violence, hatred, conflict, etc. we have to be at a certain level mentally to even begin the learning process of things beyond our imagination. Planet earth and everything on it is a replica of the real dimension, there is no pollution, violence, hatred, wars, etc. I have learned that planet earth's government is a replica of the government in the real dimension. Everything is just more beautiful on a whole other level. Just like this planet's government you have to have certain clearance before you can get certain information, now I know everything is connected I also want to say that the human body is very limited and our form comes from them, you can say that our form is a lower grade, because these beings are so beautiful and they glow, I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore.

We have to be on a certain mental level before we can even communicate, because it's telepathic and the mid has to be on a certain frequency, which is why our lifestyles has to be devoid of superficiality. I used to ignore other Phenomenon but since being taught by this being I know that every type of information is important. I am much more quieter as well because if my mind is cluttered, I feel a loneliness or yearning like I will be left behind or abandoned, but instantly when I become quiet I hear the voice say you're okay Christina." and I breath a sigh of relief, I feel the feeling of abandonment daily sometimes because as a human being I do mess up all the time, but the being also patiently tells me everything is okay. The "Alien" being is also very involved in politics and what's going on in the world, and can manifest itself to others anytime that person is ready to evolve. our own minds imprisons us and if the mind doesn't evolve then it's imprisoned, even if not behind prison bars. there's a type of influence on another level that doesn't have to be over the internet, television, over the phone etc. (our ways of communication is primitive).

The influence that impacts society is the type that is done telepathically, and with great emotion whether good or bad. there are those who have abilities and they are those that are not seen, they can put fronts out and put names to those fronts. I understand this procedure now because of what i am experiencing. when one works under a government there is a great responsibility especially when communicating with society, if negative influence is put out in society then society will act as such, if positive influence is put out in society then society will act as such, the reason being that human beings doesn't as of yet understand that we can receive message directed to the human subconscious. so what government one is under is very important, if one claims to be a spokesperson for that government. More better than adults children can evolve more quickly if taught the right way because their minds are fresher and less cluttered with information. Those with mental disabilities also can detect other entities, because their minds are "unstable." the weaker the human brain the easier it easy to detect other dimensions, or beings. it's true that a weak body has a stronger mind, we rely too much on the physical body and it delays evolution. since we all have a being embedded in our core mind, one can help activate the other, just by being having a positive opened mind and the process keeps going, it's how I became activated. The implants that are pulled out of people with alien encounters are generic, because the real implants are telepathic devices, but the generic implants can be an example of the real implants but just on a positive level.

Implants are a GPS which is why I am always able to be located, no matter where I am. The mind is a computer and can be accessed like a computer, and we should not hand over access to it from just any random person or being. We will know when a being is one of us, because everything takes place properly and peacefully. description: the main being was the focus, but telepathically I saw others round the being's head, is the best way I can describe it. the main being is very, very, very tall and thin. Once I made eye contact is when the "Alien" being began to glow or shine. I don't remember date...Year maybe was 2016 or 17. I don't know. mufon cms# 111527 Kansas U.S 10/16/16 

Freakish Grey Short Haired Creature Reported

I hunt toads for my snakes down where the Ho-back River meets the snake river. They call it the old boat ramp. Now I have grown up hearing people tell me weird things or how they saw something in the woods but it ended up being a stump. i never believed in those tales until last night. I was walking around under the bridge and was not having any luck finding toads. So where the snake river meets the Ho-back river there is a little band right there. I was walking through the bushes as I reached the corner there about 25' away I saw something crouching in the water. its back was towards me and its arms were moving and I assumed it was eating a fish or something. this was not a split second ordeal. I had a pretty good flashlight the 20 v led Dewalt. And I had the flashlight directly on whatever this was. And examining it and I'm thinking to myself is this a bear no is hunched over and has shoulders like a man a back like a man and a head like a man but I had short gray hair and it wasn't thick in the hair did not grow next to each other so you could see the pink skin underneath. After about 15 seconds of staring at this thing it stopped whatever was doing or eating and turned its head and looked at me. Now when I was examining this thing well the back of it I really wasn't freaked out or scared. but as soon as it turned its head and we made eye contact that's when the feeling shot through me. The face on this thing was I can't even explain but it resembled the faces I've seen on werewolves the movies. Small squinty eyes no snout and I could tell it was angry. This is why I know it was not an animal or a bear or anything like that. Because is soon as it noticed my flashlight it stopped and looked ahead of itself to see where the light was coming from and then and knew it was coming from behind buried. Which goes to tell me this creature had a thinking process more sophisticated than an animal's. However once this thing looked at me and we made eye contact I turned around and i booked it back to the jeep. I hopped in the jeep lock the doors and then I back the jeep up and turned on the high beams to see if the thing was coming after me. after a couple seconds I didn't see anything and I said screw this and I drove home. I went back there this morning because I wanted to see the tracks. I'm not easily convinced in the supernatural or what people see without any proof. Well it looks like I'm one of those people now. I did not see any tracks their. however I did see a lot of tracks on the other side on the riverbank. Which I'm going to go investigate right now. I am pretty skeptical about stuff like this so I need to know for sure that it was just an animal because right now everything I thought I knew about the world around me is in question. mufon cms# 111389 / 09/11/20 / Wyoming U.S.

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