Oblong Spherical UFO was glowing white reported

A pop up storm had rolled through about an hour earlier, making it about 10 degrees cooler outside. I was sitting on our porch facing East. My husband and I enjoy cloud watching, so I lingered, and saw a really bright star or planet. I grabbed my husbands phone to turn on his Sky View App, so that when he joined me, I could show him. Jim joined me, and we were puzzled that it was neither. I became concerned that maybe it was a drone. We live extremely remotely, and he often runs around the farm in various forms of undress. Could someone on the next mountain over have been watching us? It had come closer by this time; East to West, so Jim went to grab his monocular scope. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! The sky had cleared to a bright blue at this time. Purple Martins began to fly in circles by the dozens between us and the UFO. The Oblong Spherical UFO was glowing white with seemingly its own energy force circulating within it. No sound, no color red lights, no vapor trail. You could see through it in the energy ripple. It then began to travel North. We watched it for about 20 minutes, and then it moved skyward as last we saw it. It was not threatening . It had to be massive for us to be able to see it that well from such a long distance. Occasionally it moved quickly, and I have no doubt it could have departed from our sight, but wanted to be seen. UFO Sighting occurred over  Cub Run Kentucky 7/8/2020 nuforc.org

Oblong Spherical UFO

Black Teardrop UFO Disappears in Burst of Light Reported

Black UFO ignites across sky and then vanished with a very controlled blast of light. I was riding on my road when I noticed a Dark Colored UFO in the sky not more then a mile out. It was headed west across the road and it looked as if it engulfed itself in flames and the started accelerating slowly and then took off like a rocket. It didn’t travel far before it vanished in an almost blinding light. The strangest part was for how bright this flash was, it was almost contained and it did not illuminate anything around. It left a trail of falling flames that sparkled like sparklers. It moved so fast and so unnatural. After that flash though it had vanished completely. It was a beautiful event but I honestly have never been so worried or unsure. If what I saw can be explained by natural phenomena, I need to know. Location of UFO Sighting West Abington Township, PA. Occurred on 7/9/2020 source nuforc.org

black disk shaped UFO

Operation Majestic-12 UFO Cover-up

UFO News: The concept of "Majestic 12" emerged during a period in the 1980's when ufologists believed there had been a cover-up of the Roswell UFO incident and speculated some secretive upper tier of the United States government was responsible. Their suppositions appeared to be confirmed in 1984 when ufologist Jaime Shandera received an envelope containing film which, when developed, showed images of eight pages of documents that appeared to be briefing papers describing "Operation Majestic 12". The documents purported to reveal a secret committee of 12, supposedly authorized by United States President Harry S. Truman in 1952, and explain how the crash of an alien spacecraft at Roswell in July of 1947 had been concealed, how the recovered alien technology could be exploited, and how the United States should engage with extraterrestrial life in the future. Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) was a purported organization that appears in UFO conspiracy theories. The organization is claimed to be the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of Alien spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly leaked secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. Upon examination, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) declared the documents to be "completely bogus", and many ufologists consider them to be an elaborate hoax. Majestic 12 remains popular among some UFO conspiracy theorists and the concept has appeared in popular culture including television, film and literature.

German Fighter Pilot Who Fought a UFO In 1917

German Fighter pilot, "Manfred von Richthofen", known as the 'Red Baron', was one of the most famous and feared pilots of World War One. On March 13th 1917, during a mission above the sky of Belgium, he and his friend, Peter Waitzrick, had a very strange encounter with a UFO which turned into a fierce fight. Ufologists consider this case as one of the most intriguing UFO encounters of 20th century, because of the credibility of the story, and also because it corroborates other UFO and Alien encounters that occurred around the same time. In this Video series named "Mysteries of The World" talking about strange and un-explainable incidents and events around the world, as well as archaeological artifacts and places that are shrouded with mysteries, and their possible link to ancient aliens. in today's video we will talk about a strange UFO encounter between one of the most feared and famous German pilots of WW-1 and a UFO Sighting which occurred over the skies of Belgium in 1917. credit Adil Oujdi

UFO “Disclosure Light” as a “Soft Landing”

I recently posted a link to a YouTube video of the classic 1974 documentary “UFOs: It Has Begun.” On another FB page a comment was made concerning this film that according to Grant Cameron’s analysis is representative of a gradual acclimatization program. The commentator stated that since this excellent documentary was made four decades ago and was a kind of disclosure by the military, “what are people waiting for?” Here is my reply in edited form:

Thanks for your comment NAME DELETED . UFO historian Richard Dolan has referred to Executive Branch’s revelations on flying saucers as “Disclosure Light.” I believe this is an analogy to “Bud Light”, a drink that we are told has “all the flavor” of the regular Budweiser product, but less calories. As one that has had an occasional “Bud”, I dispute such an advertising claim.

What people in the UFO community are waiting for is a general acceptance of the reality and importance of the flying saucer phenomenon. This is not an unreasonable desire in my opinion. However, it will probably never be the big “D” Disclosure that many flying saucer fans are hoping for in the form of a Presidential announcement, “We are not alone!”

Those that feel passionately about this topic should keep the following in mind. In a Hierarchical society, where the masses are controlled by propaganda that serves ruling elites, it is understandable that people often look to an authority figure to shape their views. A movie such as "UFOs: It has Begun", although seen by millions at the time of its broadcast four decades ago, is hardly going to change public opinion in dramatic way. This is especially true given the massive de facto program of ridicule and denial that has been in effect for generations. Nonetheless, such leaks of accurate UFO information allow a small, highly interested sub-population, to learn bits and pieces of the true history of the Executive Branch's clandestine programs concerning flying saucers.

Why would the ruling classes permit the US Executive Branch, to reveal tidbits of the truth? I suspect that the reason lies in their understanding of the true power relationship that exists between them and the intelligence behind the flying saucers. It is a relationship that is profoundly disturbing because unlike humans, the so-called E.Ts can't be controlled in the typical fashion that the rich exercise their power. Flying saucer intelligence can't be bribed or blackmailed for sexual improprieties. They can't be fired from their jobs, or put in jail on trumped up charges. They can be shot at however and maybe occasionally hit. Thus, in the process, they might lose a saucer or two that the military grabs and buries in some secret laboratory. In addition, the alleged E.Ts don't seem too upset by the continuous bad publicity they get from Hollywood alien invasion and "abduction" movies; only a few contact experience have alleged that their "E.Ts hosts” complain about the scary propaganda of movies like "Independence Day" and "War of the Worlds."

I suspect that what really drives the rich and powerful bonkers is the following. Despite their effective control of the economy, the media and politicians, when it comes to the saucers, power elites find themselves in a very unstable situation. Although some in the UFO community believe that the aliens would never precipitously reveal themselves, because it might be an act of psychological harm to the mass consciousness, our bosses, given their willingness to do harm every day, might not have confidence in such reassurances. The truly mysterious nature of what I like to call “This Otherness that Experience now call ET” should never be forgotten. I recall futurist Michael Lindemann saying that we should never assume that we can think like an ET. Thus, despite a vigorous counterintelligence response to a perceived threat, the ruling class can’t accurately predict what “ET” will do next.

Given this uncertain situation, I suggest that a calculus has probably been worked out. And it is one based on economic considerations. The simple fact is that chaos is bad for business. During times of turmoil, people don’t go shopping. They don’t buy all the junk that advertisers tell them that they need. Although it’s rather unlikely, a sudden and destabilizing societal realization that UFOs are real is still possible if UFO intelligence act precipitously. Thus, perhaps it is safer for ruling elites to “hedge their bets” and pursue “Disclosure Light.”

What might be a worse scenario for elite interests? One that involves no disclosure at all, and risking total havoc if the aliens suddenly reveal themselves? Or instead, following the path of gradually preparing the planet’s population for the truth.

A series of leaks starting in December of 2017 has admittedly been a messy business. It is a process filled with many unknown consequences. It is a kind of “soft” crash landing. From an elite perspective however, I believe this gradual process is far preferable than having the President of the USA go on TV to announce that flying saucers are real and are really important. credit J. Burkes MD  Contact Underground

Bat Shaped UFO Reported Fort Walton Beach Florida

At approximately 2230 hours on June 23, 2020, I went outside my home to put my tarp on my vehicle due to intermittent rain. The skies were partly cloudy, quite dark, with wind blowing from south to north, about 5 mph. I could hear military aircraft well above my home, and to the south, which are usually F-22’s or F-23’s from Eglin AFB practicing aerial combat. Since they had their Nav lights off, they could not be picked out (about ten minutes later they could be observed when they did turn on anti-collision lights). I also observed a passenger aircraft fly to the west way past Hurlburt Field flying from south to north, and either a U-28 or PC-12 recon aircraft circling near Hurlburt.

I then caught some movement in the sky to my left, and observed a low flying (several thousand feet altitude), bat wing shaped UFO traveling from west to east, almost directly overhead, around 70 degrees high to the north, almost overhead, and about the size of a fingernail when the arm is held out. UFO Sighting was a light tan color, which at first I presumed to be a falcon or owl. However the speed was too fast, covering a good arc of the sky straight and level from nearly 20 degrees off the horizon from west to east in four to five seconds (there were no wings flapping, and it was too high for an owl, which are usually in the trees at night, and I haven’t heard any for over a year). The shape of the UFO Sighting was crescent shaped, almost bat like, and from my angle almost like the silhouette of a B-2 but with a very round nose and rounded wings (much like the craft drawn by Lockheed engineer Clarence Kelly on 16 December 1953). There was no glow, and no apparent appendages such as an exhaust as one would see in current drone production. No military aircraft appeared to be chasing the UFO, however one F-22 or F-23 did fly the same approximate route several minutes later although at a substantially higher altitude (apparent approach to Eglin AFB for landing or more maneuvers over the Gulf of Mexico). nuforc.org 
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 6/23/2020

bat winged shaped UFO reported

Black Rectangular UFO Sighting weather anomaly follows

It was the hottest day of the year so far, a heat wave in Central Maine. my boyfriend and i went out back for a late night swim in our pool to cool down. before getting into the pool, i looked up in front of me to the sky to assess star visibility. the big dipper is right above us, and I remark  the big dipper never lets us down, to my boyfriend. I then let my head drop back to take in more of the sky. as my eyes travel straight up from the dipper, suddenly something bright floods my field of vision. the sudden light is shocking and i think to myself about how my employee had just mentioned that lightning bugs had come out a couple nights earlier. at first, i assumed a lightning bug was flying in front of my face and lit up, blocking my view of the night sky. as soon as that thought crosses my mind, my brain dismisses it. i realize the light is coming from an object actually in the night sky straight above me. it was a giant black rectangle, with a large black circle in each corner of the craft. white or yellow lights ran down the sides of it. It was moving quite fast in a straight line, right over our house. as my eyes followed it for a very short second or two, it disappeared as it got to the clouds encroaching the sky. it did not appear to disappear behind the clouds though, it looked like it just cut off suddenly. it made absolutely no noise, there was no wind created from its departure. I have seen police drones fly very close to our house and a life light helicopter landing next to our house. this UFO was about 4-5x as large as the helicopter and maybe 50 feet above the tree line when first spotted. After it disappeared suddenly after streaking across the sky in less than a second, my boyfriend said woah! as it disappeared. we both asked one another if we just saw that. I looked at him shocked, expressing that I couldn't believe what we had just seen. i told him i could actually see the black rectangular craft above us, close enough to make out details on the bottom including the circles. my boyfriend was facing the other way, and saw the tail end of the craft zooming off into nothing. He described it as a bright light, similar to when a meteor crashed into earth in the movies. Both of us agreed it was a UFO and couldn't keep our eyes off the sky for the next few hours. we told our roommates, who both believed us. about an hour after the UFO sighting, there was a dry lighting storm here, which is quite uncommon in Maine. my boyfriend looked on the weather map and there was one tiny red dot of activity in the whole state, right next to our house. my roommate suggested perhaps the craft was siphoning the kinetic energy in the area. I never thought i would see a craft so close, and it was definitely unnerving. mufon cms# 109689 Benton Maine 6/20/20

UFO came out of trees hovering

I was sitting outside talking to my dad then out of my side view I could see something slowly rise out of the trees and it was a UFO oval circle and silver had lights all over it with a small window. UFO made a humming sounds ans slowly floated over us so I followed it while walking. It seemed like there was so sound around me except the hum and it was like time was going so slow. I followed on foot until it started to rise and then it made a popping sound like a high pitched zipping sound and I was gone just as fast as it got there. I thought I was crazy as my dad stood there in shock. mufon cms# 109613 Gurdon Arkansas Region has had 743 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Reported UFO Sighting Gurdon Arkansas static map

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